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At Fusion Fat Loss and Nutrition, we recognise our clients goals often live across not just one area of their busy lives, but a combination of areas. Our holistic approach to synergising or fusing all 4 key elements in mind massage, nutrition, fitness and family, allows for YOU to optimise YOUR success. YOUR journey becomes part of our lives, and our personal touch is our belief in YOU! We truly do want YOU to find YOUR “inner strength” and allow YOU to reconnect with YOUR life. All YOU need is the support, the mentorship, the coaching, the community, and yes, the self-belief to make it happen for YOU. And it’s this unique approach that we at Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition provide YOU with that allows YOU to find the solutions to YOUR health and wellness problems, for life!


Our members are genuine individuals and like any family take-on a together approach and you will be amazed at the achievement you feel when surrounded by people empowering themselves to be their best.


Our vision is to change your intentions to habits with mind re-training to restore self-belief / respect and confirm and accept accountability to reconnect with life.


Learn the importance of planning diversity and variety into food selection that will allow you to build a sustainable and most importantly enjoyable relationship with food.


Re-wire your metabolism with the science of fitness to apply both weight and cardio vascular exercise programs to meet you individual goals.

Start here with your FREE 20 minute phone problem solving consultation with Craig valued at $49

Your personal 20 minute phone consultation with Craig Kelly, Queensland’s leading fitness professional will find real solutions and help you understand that they are achievable and how.


Hear what fusion family members are saying…

“Craig has taught me so much about food choices, exercise, the power of the mind, and myself in such a short space of time!! Not only did he bring his nutritional expertise, his personal training, his professionalism, and his life’s passion to me, but he also brought something entirely unexpected. He brought his family – his Fusion Family!.” I have dropped 3 dress sizes since beginning my journey. I still have a long way to go physically, cognitively and emotionally, but I now know that I’m on the right track with the right people. I am exposing myself to opportunities I would NEVER have attempted before (eg Jetty-to-Jetty) and am loving every minute of it! I’m excited for what’s to come!”

Sue O’Brien

“I have just completed Craig’s “body transformation” and I was a bit freaked out initially with the thought of the “panel beater” but WOWeee is all I can say. It was the best time ever. I am committed to a lifetime of healthy sensible eating, quality exercise and enjoying general well being. I’m swimming faster, riding better, running more consistently. You name it, I’ve improved it… Thanks sooo much Craig. You exceeded my expectations (and they were pretty high). Your method of training is so encouraging, your knowledge is amazing and you explain it soo well. I will always have you to thank for pushing me to be the best I can be.”

Jo Gibbs

“I have learnt so much about food and how to train properly, the importance of weight training and just how to feel good about myself. It’s been quite a journey and I have certainly had a few hiccups along the way, but with a little bit of Craig’s “mind massage” I managed to get right back on track. Craig has definitely built up a great family here at Fusion fat Loss & Nutrition because his support does not stop at the end of each session. I firmly believe even after 18 months my journey is just really beginning and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!”

Lee Roberts

“I started seeing Craig privately for a 6 week physique make-over. After 6 weeks I can boast 15cms off my waist, 11cms off my hips and an 8 kilo weight loss. Craig has shown me that fat loss is not about dieting, it’s about changing your attitude to food. He has taught me that “knowledge is power” and it is up to you. Craig has shown me how to manage my own program and inspired me to become a personal trainer. Craig does not preach, he tells you like it is. I have gone from a size 24 to a size 14 and still have a way to go. I know that with Craig beside me to offer support and guidance the road will be less rocky.”

Toni Gilliland

“Craig educated me & supported me during my transformation. Craig gave me the tools that I needed to turn my life around and he saved me from a life of self destruction. So for me, this man is my HERO. I have to date lost 37kg, I went from busting out of a size 18 now down to a very comfortable size 10. Our relationship then went further, when he encouraged me to study to become a personal trainer. I would not be the person that I am today if not for Craig. Never has anyone made such an impact on my life. It would take me a life time to repay you, for what you have done for me.”

Toni Cole

“In August 2009, aged 33 I weighed 91kg, married with 2 kids under 4. I started exercising with a local boot camp 3x 1hr sessions weekly for 3 years. I left because I had become bored and hadn’t lost any weight. Roll on August 2013, I googled “Craig Kelly” and stalked his website and facebook. WOW, he was different. Today I do less exercise, eat more nutritious food and get better results than I’ve ever had before. I now weigh 75kg and work out with like minded people who love to train and have a laugh. The real difference is I pushed past my fear and train with a body transformation specialist who is also a qualified nutritionist with real life experience!”

Katie McShea

“This program was absolutely life changing! Craig gave me all the tools and knowledge I needed to get myself on the right path and become someone I am proud of. The main factor for my transformation I believe was Craig’s “mind massage”. Once my head was in the right place, the rest was pretty easy (apart from a lot of hard work). A supportive and non-judgmental group was also lots of fun & laughs on those Saturday afternoons. Quite simply, this program works! To date I have lost 41kg and intend to never find it again. I have my life back and now my prime focus is to be the best role model possible for my young boys. I want them to be proud of dad!”

Paul Savage

“I first became overweight at the age of 10. With low self-esteem and self-confidence at 16, my Mum took me to Weight Watchers in an effort to help me. Since then I have done every diet as well as doing copious amounts of exercise. I always lost some but the weight returned plus more. In September 2011, I attended a free seminar of Craig’s and was impressed with his scientific knowledge of the human body, fat loss and nutrition. I have since lost over 28kg and more than 74cm and gained a new life. What Craig has given me is priceless. I would not be where I am physically, emotionally and mentally if it was not for Craig. I am forever grateful to the Fusion family.”

Michelle Vudrag

Our promise

“Empowering you to successfully believe in your own ability to reconnect with life.”

Supermarket tours

Make sense of the supermarket – by appointment only

  • Craig will show you how to read food labels in as little as 10 seconds flat!
  • Learn how to choose products to make fast, delicious and nutritious food that align to your health and well-being goals.
  • Remove myths and confusion aligned to food and diet.
  • Tailored 1 on 1 session with craig starts at $165 (up to 2 hours)
  • All sessions run at Coles in Mango Hill – Brisbane
  • Group sessions can be arranged with maximum 10 people.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to shop better choices when you know what to look for!


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