3 reasons you are still chasing success

…linking your dreams to your goals and the solution to fix it!

Okay this isn’t going to surprise you! Many people struggle with their eating habits! I hear reports of it being due to today’s modern society and the requirements of most of us to sit around for hours at a time for work, snacking on junk food at our desks, in highly stressed, & pressured environments. I concur many of you do face this day to day dilemma, and its less than optimal. However you still have the opportunity to make wiser, healthier, more metabolically advantageous food choices. Hitting up the vending machine and devouring chocolate bars, bags of lollies & potato chips, and the good old energy drinks isn’t forced on you, that’s a lifestyle choice, isn’t it?

Yes you have to eat, I agree totally. We said eat, nourish and fuel, not freaking poison yourself! 🙁

What you eat is your choice, and you have to pay the consequences (Are you prepared to do so, really?).

Despite this, there are plenty of healthy eaters out there who strive to put only the best and most nutritious foods into their body, and yes you find them in the same highly stressed, pressured work environment as yourself. They simply choose different, they form their own normal!

For the most part, these people are admired as much as they’re scorned for their dedication to healthy living & healthy eating.(Look at him eating his tuna and salad again, he thinks he is so good, or this one; don’t bother asking her she has her protein drink, nuts and apple, she is too good for us! What is with that BS talk, some people do take pride and respect the greatest gift ever presented to us health!)

However, you don’t have to look down your nose at those healthy eaters if you don’t want to. In fact, there are many sound ways to join the world of the so-called healthy eaters and start investing in your own health and wellbeing, performance and body shape. So what is required at your end to do so? You simply have to learn what they’re doing that makes them better than you in regards to this healthy eating/lifestyle gig & then tailor some of these upcoming success strategies or tactics to have you in control and motoring towards a lifestyle that provides you more energy, greater performance, more mental clarity, and yes, a completely different body shape!

So lets take a look at what these healthy eaters do to become the success stories they are, and you want to emulate:

Eat more high class proteins: 


While it may seem counter-intuitive for healthy eating to involve increasing the amount of food you’re eating instead of reducing it (if weight loss and fat loss are desired), however there are occasions that increasing the amount of certain food types in your diet can have a positive effect. In fact, one of the most beneficial types of foods that you should eat in regular amounts  is protein foods.

Protein is one of the most important building blocks for your body. It contains the raw amino acids (building blocks) used to create muscle tissue, strengthen bones, help regulate your blood pressure, support immunity, just to name a few things.

But for those of us who are more intrigued by the scales, and body shape more importantly (body composition – body fat%/lean muscle mass), it also plays a major role in keeping your metabolismsupercharged. If you’re not eating enough protein, you’re likely suffering from a metabolic rate that’s slower than it could be. This means that your body burns fewer calories at rest than someone with a higher-protein diet, picture this (the little Daewoo Matiz car vs. the V8 supercharged big banger engine. The V8 simply burns fuel like you wouldn’t believe, that’s what you should be trying to emulate with your metabolism).

One of the best ways to incorporate more protein into your diet is to toss out the cereal bowl in the morning and have an egg or two instead. Cereal first thing in the morning is one of the worst ways to begin your day – especially thanks to its highly-refined carbohydrate content – & eating eggs instead will provide your body with the protein it needs to get going in the morning, in addition to all the other beneficial nutrients that are housed in an egg break-fast.

If you can’t eat eggs for whatever reason, there are many other protein sources you can substitute in order to get that healthy boost to start your day, like good quality natural yoghurt, and heaven forbids meats (beef, lamb, pork, kangaroo, salmon, trout, herring, sardines, mackerel) and nuts (almonds, macadamia, walnuts, brazil nuts)! Yes there is NO written rule that cereal toast, juice and jam is a breakfast, its just a nail in your grave! 🙁

As a very general rule the lovely ladies may like to start with eating a good quality protein that is roughly 20-30g in total, and the men in the area of 40-60g 2-4 times a day. (Again this is simply a starting point, not gospel), and needs to evolve as you do!

They control their carbohydrate intake; they don’t eliminate them and scorn them!


So you have read it many times over from many of the diet gurus and experts: eliminate or reduce as many carbohydrates as you can as they are the real reason you are fat, frumpy, fatigued, and frustrated, and overweight. However the truth is that healthy eaters on the most part include carbohydrates in a well-balanced and nutrient rich eating regime. Instead, healthy eaters tend to reduce the amount of refined, human interfered with carbohydrates they eat and then replace them instead with ones that are supplied form mother natures pharmacy! Yes hea