YOUR Body Transformation is NOT a sprint event!

Today let’s get some facts down so as to keep you saine and most importantly on track :-)

– firstly: weight loss, fat loss, & body transformation takes commitment, patience, tenacity, discipline, self accountability, desire and the correct education and program for you! Not the latest fad, trend or is in the vogue blue print floating around the social media platforms, or doing the rounds in the women’s magazines.

– secondly: training with weights is the cornerstone to your transformation, whether its weight loss, fat loss, or looking fit, strong and healthy, and of great importance the ability to maintain YOUR transformation results long term.

– thirdly: the weight training your undertaking is not meant to become an endurance event! You don’t build a strong, powerful, and shaped body by adding more and more work to your routine and being impressed by doing 30,40, 50 plus sets. Weight training is predominately about stimulation, not exhaustion and nor annihilation! So if you’re planning on doing more work, consider taking up an endurance sport, not a successful body transformation! The volume of work becomes much more important for the advanced trainer over time, not the novice, or intermediate individual (the recreational lifter, or the Joe and Betty Bag of Donuts) who is simply looking at building a body that they can be proud of, yes thats YOU and I.

– and finally: the only time body transformation and endurance ever should align is in the process of re-engineering your metabolism to work for you, not against you!

The take home is this:

If you want to look great, feel amazing, and perform like you have never performed before this is the recipe:

*Lift reasonably heavy things regularly (2-3 times a week, 30-45 minute sessions are absolutely fine for the most of fus to achieve amazing things)

*Eat close to nature (off a tree, out the ground, swims the ocean and walks the land) 80/20 rule in most cases! And recall; make friends with eh mighty “F” word! Yes fibre is king! Variety and diversity are critical in helping you fight off the DIET DOOM!

* And finally put all your energy into thinking positively and nourishing your mind, rather than wasting all that energy you have and turning in to a negative self-pity party, which only ever leads to more transformation failure. In my professional and personal opinion the “Mind Massaging” component to a successful BODY TRANSFORMATION is the biggest reason so many fail. There simply is not enough energy placed into this important are of BODY TRANSFORMATION success. And no, you cant just whinge it! Sorry!


So there you have it, a simple cheat sheet – or the 101 on how to TRANSFORM YOUR BODY for a successful and sustainable outcome.

If you’re still stuck and not quite sure on how to make it all stick, and just work, please take up YOUR opportunity for a FREE 30 minute consult with Craig Kelly of Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition by heading to the website and making contact via the contact Craig page!