blog-5reasonsgainWe have all heard it many times before haven’t we?

Your gaining weight because:

  • your metabolism is just sluggish
  • your simply eating to much
  • your not eating enough
  • your not exercising enough
  • your exercising to much
  • your thyroid is not functioning effectively
  • your eating way to many carbohydrates
  • your not eating enough carbohydrates
  • your metabolically shafted due to decades of crash dieting, the list just keeps going on.

Well according to Claude Bouchard from Pennington Biomedical Research Centre in Louisiana all these listed above are simply “urban myths”. He has identified the (5) factors linked to weight gain.

The list includes:

  1. Well hello, low muscle mass, which of course reduces your metabolic rate, that is your fat burning and weight loss ability. So make friends with the “panel beater” the real body shape changer!
  2. low cardio vascular fitness level. Which of course means that the ability to burn energy or (calories) is limited. Which again, leads to a lack of success with weight loss. So of course this means make friends with “fusion fat loss group fitness parties” out interval group fitness sessions.
  3. difficulty in directly burning stored body fat as fuel. This of course means more fat storage! This could relate to insulin resistance and and metabolic disease. So this means educating yourself on how to eat to have your hormones working for you, and not against you. Yes, maybe Fusion Nutrition Rehab would help here. Or maybe the Fusion “Transform You Group Program”!
  4. Another hormone heavily mentioned in fat loss and weight gains for the best part of a decade or more has been lepton. Again, this gets a mention in Bouchard’s research. Insensitivity to this hormone leptin means you have less control over appetite and an altered metabolism.
  5. And finally, but in no means of least importance is low testosterone levels. And ladies, this doesn’t mean you just switch off now, you to have testosterone – just less than us males. So yes for both genders having a low testosterone level equates to a higher body fat % due to the reduced capacity to build lean muscle mass, yes that’s correct, your fat burning furnaces. Again, the panel beater will assist here, but not without nutrition education that will assist in teaching you the foods that will supply the essential fatty acids to aid in building your vital hormones.

So there you have it guys; no one single factor is responsible for weight gain. It’s an extremely complex metabolic conundrum that requires a formula that is multifaceted and holistic in approach. It would seem it’s due to this complex nature that so many people struggle to 1. Lose the weight, and then 2. Manage to keep the weight off long term!

So if your contemplating simply dieting alone, think again. But then again, if your thinking of just exercising, you may want to think twice. And again, if your contemplating just starting hypnosis and avoiding exercise, and nutrition changes, you may be very disappointed team.

For those of you who have been associated with Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition for any length of time, I do think you will agree, it all sounds pretty familiar.

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