Today I’m writing about the things you could be doing that you believe are helping you motor towards  linking those goals of yours to your dreams, but instead they could well and truly being sabotaging your journey, and inhibiting your success.

This will be a series of presentations I make over the next week or so, so be sure to check in regularly to make sure there is NO self sabotage taking place in your world.

So lets get cracking at look at the eating mistakes you could be making right now!

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the first 2 mistakes today, I really want to re-affirm that there is NO one right way to eat for your long term success. YES that is correct, there is NO one “DIET” that is going to make all the difference between your success or failure.

However, I can definitely share with you this; If you have any of these next few MISTAKES in your regular eating regime then rest assured you are certainly limiting your weight loss, fat loss, fitness, health and wellbeing goals heavily, and thats not my opinion, that is just the absolute FACTS!

  • If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything! Yes this is a MISTAKE I see all the time team. “What do I mean by this one, you ask?” Well guys and dolls, its simply this. Just because something is heading the news doesn’t make it gospel and something you now have to do. It seems the greater the claim the more people are inclined to jump ship and turn their backs on the last “claim” that was made. It might be something along the lines of this: “paleo the best way for fat loss, the latest research suggests!” or this “saturated fat in coconut oil is the most effective fat to eat for weight loss”, or maybe this one “new research shows us that not eating before intense exercise will increase your weight loss”! Have you heard these all before? Maybe you have even tried some of these before, don’t feel bad about it guys, we are all guilty of it.

What is important to realise here is this guys and dolls: Is the claim factual? how was it tested? was it credible? is it sustainable? can it be replicated? is it safe long term? and is it a true lifestyle that will allow you all to live strong, happy, healthy lives and not be deprived and starved?

In my line of work its important not to jump to conclusions, but to review all the information holistically and to scrutinise heavily so as that any recommendations I am making towards YOU my clients is safe, effective, and most importantly long term research proven and evidenced based, not some fly by night BS to make the headlines and scare everyone into radical change.

So the fix is this:  If you are NOT sure of the latest claims and headlines, please feel free to CONTACT me with YOU QUESTIONS and ill happily share my expertise with you and have you feeling empowered and educated.

  • You a fat phobic! Yes your petrified of all fats! Again this is another claim I hear in my practice quite often, “Craig I want to lose weight and the book tells me that every gram of fat stores 9 calories of energy, so of course removing these from my eating will lead to the fastest weight loss, correct?” Fair statement really you would think, yes! The reality is this team, not all fats are created equal, and you DO require fats to perform and function at your very best, and yes you even need fats to bun body fat!

DID you know this? Certain vitamins like A,D,E an K require fats to enable them to be absorbed by your body. They are called the fat soluble vitamins, and it just happens that in last Saturdays Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition Unique Supermarket tour we were discussing just this sort of amazing food facts. You see your brain, your heart, your muscles, your joints (just to name a small few) require these important essential fats to allow YOU to perform properly. If your deficient in these vital nutrients, then ailments such as inflammation diseases (Arthritis, Dementia, and alike) have the opportunity to develop. Quite scary really isn’t it? :-(

So the fix is this: Make sure you eating regime is supplying the vital Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids (essential meaning – we need to get them from food, WE cannot make them). Try to get 1-2 serves of high fat fish in your diet weekly, use premium extra virgin olive oil regularly, avocado is amazing –  supplying about 4-5 grams of dietary fibre and aiding in allowing the other nutrients form surrounding foods to be absorbed. Try to get a wide variety of these fats in your eating regime (diversity) chia seeds, flaxseeds, LSA, walnuts, mackerel, herring, sardines, salmon, avocado, macadamia, almonds, coconut oil, EVOO, dark green leafy vegetables. Its this amazing fatty acids that truly are part of Mother natures powerful pharmacy. Portion control is necessary, so make sure you look into that and reap the rewards of these amazing FATS!

P.S Every cell in your body is made from a double phospholipid bi layer meaning fats are critical to your cells integrity. So it is not about going FAT FREE but educating yourself to make the BEST FAT CHOICES regulalrly.

Guys and dolls tomorrow I will return with more “eating mistakes you could be making”, so until then, eat well, drink wisely, and laugh long loud and hard.