Today we start a new series of helpful fat loss, fitness and lifestyle balancing success tips that I do hope assist you all in becoming the version of “YOU” you desire.

The best bit is this, you can implement them all immediately, and start reaping the rewards instantly, awesome, yes?

So lets get cracking and start with todays applied action tip:


Avoid HI (90% of the time)!

What is HI you ask?

Human Interference ladies and gentlemen,
lab made, nutrient poor, metabolic destructive stuff!

So its time to stand up & say NO to “HI”!




Did you know?:

Your not designed & constructed to eat cardboard like, nutrient poor, refined “stuff” (it isn’t food) frozen meals, fast food, jam packed with high calorie contents and its chemical s$%t storms, simply lead self sabotage and metabolic chaos! Nasty really!


You are designed to consume foods close to nature, foods that allow you to perform at your best, have great health and vitality, and yes keep you looking amazing as well.

A simple mantra to follow has always been this one: eat more off a tree, out of the ground, that swims the ocean and or walks the land.Put simply, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (in season and a wide range of colours). Enjoy regularly the mighty flavours of herbs and spices that invigorate a meal, and add mind blowing antioxidant benefits that allow you to feel and perform amazingly!

Make friends with fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, quality greek yoghurts or natural yoghurts, authentic sourdough breads, pumpernickel, just to name a few nutrient sources that fuel those mighty friends that we call bacteria, viruses and alike in our tummies that look after our health!

With those amazing proteins we consume whether animal or plant, use a great diversity regularly and always buy the very best quality products that you can afford (this is different for everybody of course), if you can mange to grab a bit of organic, free range goodness go ahead! Try some fresh salmon, try some fresh caught prawns, maybe a free range egg or two, a few thin slices of grass feed beef. The choice is your, as always!

With the mighty plant foods again, think colour, diversity and life. If its fresh its best. Loaded with fibre and antioxidants these amazing gifts from “Mother Nature” should be eaten as close to nature as possible. Don’t KILL them by boiling them, or destroying them by frying them in the microwave for ever! Add a splash of premium extra virgin olive oil to them to enable all the goodness to be able to get to your nutrient starved cells. Its mind blowing how all this natural food pharmacy works together in synergy!

Put this action tip into practice today team, you will be amazed how quickly your body starts to feel well “awesome”!

Stay safe and remember as we always say at Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition:

eat off a tree, out of the ground, from the ocean, that walks the land and AVOID HI, as often as you choose“!