So you will be successful this time, you tell yourself! You are going to use all your willpower to finally link that dream of yours to your goals.

You have the plan:

  • Cut calories drastically
  • Cut carbohydrates (if not eliminate completely) mind you most people are still confused about what carbohydrates are
  • Start doing exercise everyday and predominately if not completely aerobic work
  • Say “NO” to all the foods you enjoy
  • Weight yourself every single day
  • Stop lifting weights because they make you bulky
  • Skip meals regularly because weight loss is all about calorie deficit
  • And then you have the fail safe (ace up your sleeve) if all that fails, cut more calories and exercise more, and then skip even more meals.

It couldn’t be easier really, could it? Wow, I’m exhausted just writing this! Ive got no energy left, its depressing!

Yes this may sound absolutely absurd, if not ridiculous, but laugh as you may, I see this every single week. Its “NO” joke, this is my world.

I receive messages every single day from people telling me all the crazy things that are doing to lose weight, burn fat, and look their very best. The list above is just the start of it.


The reality is this team:

The only way to link your dreams to your goals is this!

You must have “one” fundamental principle being nourished, fertilised and prioritised, otherwise all the “willpower”, “starvation”, “deprivation”, and “dieting” will lead to your failure. And this I guarantee you.

The answer is this: you must be patient in re-engineering you metabolism to work for you, not against you! Yes “time” is the golden ingredient that really enables your eating regime and exercise program to work for you. Yes, “time” is the key.

But unfortunately (most of you) are not willing to pay the price for success. Most of us want things now! Its how society is, we have all made it that way. I don’t need to wait, “I want it now”.

Its this very reasoning that leads the fat, fatigued, frustrated, depressed and self loathed individual to undertaking the one method that totally inhibits their goals from truly becoming a reality. That of course being this, “dieting”, or more accurately “fad, crash dieting”.


Remind yourself of this:

How long has it taken you to build the body your hosting at this very moment?

How much self destruction have you thrown at the greatest machine ever built?

How long have you fuelled this amazing vehicle with “contaminated fuels” and expected optimum performance?


And finely ask your self this:

What the hell  have you done to your metabolism?

Ill give you the hot tip, “you have destroyed it! Rather than being a high performance fat incinerating, calorie burning raging furnace, its a “fairy floss” powder puff that chugs along storing and hording every single calorie it can find, as it doesn’t have the “zing” to burn it and use it. And who’s fault is that guys? I’ll leave that one for you to work out (its not a trick question either)!

So if your still seating there reading this little bit of “gold”, its time to re-negotiate with you!

You really need to take hold, erase all the diet trash stored in the vault (your brain), and undertake the the “fat loss success formula” that truly will link those goals of yours to your dreams”.


So here is the checklist you need to align to each and every day, are you ready?

  • Prioritise re-engineering a metabolism that is working for you and not against you
  • Eat and exercise for fat loss, fitness and health (panel beating is the real body shaper, yes weight training)
  • Mind massage for at least 10 minutes each day (preferably first thing on rising and the last thing at night)
  • Plan and prepare in the kitchen, don’t wing it as your only going to FAIL AGAIN
  • Be patient, its going to take time
  • Test and measure – read your goals, look at the photos of you that you love and loathe, keep a food diary, keep a training diary, take measurements, give your self a target (if there is no bullseye, whats the idea of the dart?”
  • Enjoy the process and make it yours. The process needs to be unique to you, it must be individual
  • Be aware you will have plateaus but they are all part of the success process, but you must know how to move the goal posts once your stuck
  • And finally, never ever give up! There is no such thing as failure on this journey of yours, unless you DISREGARD the SUCCESS FORMULA provided. You must have faith in the process, and you must have faith in you.


“Faith dispels doubt and hesitation: it liberates you from suffering; and delivers you to the city of peace and happiness. It is faith that removes the mental turbidity and makes your mind clear and free.