So you have decided you want to drop some weight, lose some body fat, change your body shape, and in doing all of this improve your quality of life. Thats brilliant, I am so happy for you, what a great investment your about to make. :-)

My question to you is this: How are you going to go about doing it, being successful and obtaining sustainability, and then sustaining your results?

You respond:” Well Craig, Im going to give up all the foods I enjoy for good!” :-( 

WOW, is my response. That sounds very challenging, quite boring, very intense, and I fear for your success with this drastic measure. Do you want to know why?

Denial and deprivation can cause intense cravings.

I hear and see this one all to often, and there is always only one outcome, “cravings”, and those “cravings” are powerful, brutal, and very very consistent, they just won’t give up, until you break. And believe me when you break, you break big time. This often leads to a catastrophic chain of events (binge eating and congestive decline-self loathe, and negative banter) which only then leads to more restrictive eating patterns and further “diet yo-yoing!

Ultimately all this does (this diet yo-yoing) is lead to further metabolic decline, meaning that your metabolism stalls even further and you at best plateau, but typically this leads to you gaining more body fat. 


Your body decides to hold, and store the calories ingested in this “eating frenzy” just in case you go into “the diet denial and deprivation cycle” once more. So ultimately all your doing in this”dieting denial and deprivation debacle” is morph yourself into a lighter fatter version of you :-(, crazy really isn’t it?

So in my professional opinion this “denial and deprivation ” method for weight loss and fat loss is a no go!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying for one moment that “you can eat what you want, when you want, for as long as you want, and as much as you want” without consequences, that would be negligent on my behalf.

What I am saying is this; sure there may be certain foods that you choose to reduce, or even eliminate from your eating regime quite happily and not have to fight the “cravings”, BUT there will be those that you”crave” for and “crave” for. These foods seem to be in the forefront of your mind all the time, they cry for you.

It is these foods that may need to be part of your “sustainable successful eating regime”. You see in a clinical practice environment real success seems to be supported by clients whom allow themselves the occasional treat weekly. The occasional treat is a far more sustainable strategy than banning your favourite foods forever. Its when you start labelling foods “good and bad” that you really start to lose control.

In my practice I talk a lot to my clients about the 90-10 rule. Yes thats right, eating, refeeding, and fuelling with optimal nutrient sources that they enjoy 90% of the time, and then enjoying those 2-3 few earnt “treats” per week, that equates to about 10%. In my professional opinion, this isn’t “dieting, its not denial and therefore its not deprivation”, its a success strategy. Its teaching,mentoring and coaching the client to “eat mindfully” and to form, or build relationships with food that are strong, sustainable, and sound.

Weight loss, fat loss and body transformation success is NEVER about denial, deprivation and restrictive diets. You success is ALWAYS about building sustainable relationships with food and learning to enjoy a true appreciation for eating “mindfully”.

Once you have the skills and tools to avoid eating absentmindedly, you learn to savour foods, to enjoy those earn treats, and you learn to take control. You will never have to feel “blackmailed” by food ever again.

So there you have it team, “even the healthiest eating regimes have a little room for you favourite foods” thats the “truth”!