The 7 dreaded "Fat Loss Sins"! Are you guilty? Toni Cole - Amazing life changing transformation! Want more energy? Tone up a little? The secret is an "F" word! Captain T... no it's not Testosterone, it's Tenacity! Make Fat Loss stick for good... I guarantee it! Welcome to Fusion's brand new website Are you making these healthy eating mistakes? Part #2 The single most effective way for YOU to lose weight Your Reason, Your Why... is key to success! Own weight loss & kick FEARS to the kerb forever! Are you avoiding HI? How is that Diet working for you? Behaviours and Attitudes that keep Fat off! Orthorexia: Are you aware how dangerous it is? 3 reasons you are still chasing success Are you making these healthy eating mistakes? Whats that bread, Craig? "E what" Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and you! Naiomi - This is why I love what I do! WOW! This stuff gets me so very angry!


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