Whenever a mistake is made, don’t give up, but instead remember why you have decided to undertake this journey, and why you are here.

On this magical journey “lifestyle” – I guarantee you it won’t be all smooth sailing, you will definitely make mistakes, you will feel like throwing in the towel, the odd tear may well be shed and for certain there will be massive hissy fits, you may well swear and curse me, but my skin is thick; it’s what you employee me to be.

The secrets to the “successors” – yes the people that manage to live their lives, enjoy great foods, and look forward to their regular exercise, and most importantly do what they choose to because they choose to, they don’t live their lives for others, or more importantly by others rules, is this, they don’t let their confidence get crushed, they don’t allow their strength to be sapped, and they never lose sight of their “why”, they are tenacious.

You see mistakes are unpreventable, you must make them to move forward, to grow, to learn, and to evolve, you must get uncomfortable at times, yes Jo Gibbs, I said, we must all get uncomfortable at times.

Remind yourself what you wish to obtain form this journey, from this experience of really finding yourself, and removing the shackles that have held you back for so long.

Recommit and refocus, and remove the thought process of that the only way to success is perfectionism, as this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of you have heard me say this before ” Striving for perfectionism is often the wrong approach, but striving for your very best is always right”, it’s always about being that little bit better, it’s called self belief, and self respect.

This little blog was dedicated to one of the most awesome young ladies Deb and I know, she is a real Princess and we have learned to love her, Tanita Neale take a bow my good friend, as you are the very definition of tenacity, a word that I love, and love the very meaning of, it simple means, you never give in, ever!

So now you’re all inspired, action is required… take ACTION today – contact Craig now!