So you have heard it all before;

“liquid diet programs claim you will lose weight on them, and fast! But even better, they are fast, delicious and nutritious!”

Yes it may well be true that you may drop some weight initially! However many claim that you will lose more weight using their products than you will with a diverse range of nutrient dense, whole foods and that their products would help you keep the weight off long term. Now these statements are just fundamentally floored.

Very low calorie diets (VLCD’s) that promote liquid nutrition and remove, reduce or even eliminate whole foods, can be unhealthy, nutritionally inadequate and even dangerous, and may well be one of the worst things you could ever do to your body and your “internal combustion engine”, yes your metabolism in the long term.

Discover why this method of weight loss is only ever leading to your long term failure!

One reason is this: these “liquid diet shake programs” are generally in the vicinity of 800 to 1000 calories per day or less, which will more often than not trigger your body’s starvation response.

You can read in the textbook, Understanding Nutrition by Whitney and Rolfes (Thomson/Wadsworth)

“Very low calorie diet formulas are designed to be nutritionally adequate, but the body responds to this severe energy restriction as if the person were starving – conserving energy and preparing to regain weight at the first opportunity.” Now this is just lunacy team, why the hell would you be setting yourself up to fail in this way? 


Another reason is this: the weight nearly always comes back, but with friends too! Yes, the weight losses from liquid diets can be dramatic – but not nearly as dramatic as the weight regain afterward – along with the physical and psychological damage that comes with it.

With these liquid diet shakes a large majority of weight you lose is the metabolically active tissue – muscle. Yes muscle! And muscle is the only place you burn fats and carbohydrates, so why would you want to sabotage your success by simply giving away your fat burning furnaces? And yes your metabolism simply stalls, its like comparing a thumping V8 Supercar, to a a Go Go mobile!

Another large % of the weight you lose comes from hydration, so your really just becoming a lighter, fatter version of you. Your losing muscle, water, and not a great deal of body fat at all! Not very exciting really is it?

The hard truth is this, liquid diet shakes avoid teaching you how to eat to build your best body, and then more importantly how to sustain your improved body once you build it!


Yet another reason is this: Many of these liquid diet shake products are just putrid formulations that are jam packed with contaminates such as pure sugar or corn syrup!vYes they are filled with crude, cheap and nasty fillers and binders in may cases!  Yes you read correctly. The same nasty refined sugar that many people are blaming much of obesity and childhood obesity on during the last decade. The same sweetener added to cakes, pastries, soft drinks, need I go on?

You would be shocked – mortified – if you looked at the so called “ingredients list” of some of these diet shakes! They simply are ingredients that should be getting nowhere near your body, as all they are likely to do is have your body craving for more nutrition from high nutrient dense foods, rather than these crude, nutrient poor fillers. Yes real whole foods, not HI (Human interfered) lab foods!


Which leads me to this reason: You may well find yourself starving for more food all the time. Why? As stated above, your body is not being supplied the nutrition it requires to operate optimally. The liquid diet shakes spruked to give you all you need nutritionally, just isn’t aiming up. So your body constantly sends out messages telling you “your hungry” go and hunt down some real food will you?

Not only this but you realise that you also need to undertake some exercise to assist in your weight loss journey. But you now struggle to get ourselves off the couch, letter loan go for a 30 minute walk, or 25 minute exercise class. The thought of lifting a weight in the gym has you almost in tears!

Yes, your now constantly craving food, its always on your mind!


Yes a high quality, modern meal replacement products may play a  role in your nutrition program, however, even the  best products will never be superior to nutrient dense whole foods. This is why?

Real success requires “Mother Natures Pharmacy”!


Whole food contains naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, fibre, phytochemical, and bioactive compounds which interact together in what scientists call the whole “food matrix.” Because we do not yet fully understand which of these nutrients synergise with each other, which is another reason why the majority of your nutrition should come from a diverse range of nutrient dense whole foods.

Lets face it: Nutrient dense whole foods also provide satiety or satisfaction, and they improve your weight loss journey. They simply taste great! Who doesn’t like the thought of sitting down to whole meal and savouring every mouthful? For me personally a shake doesn’t come close to the pleasure I obtain from a diverse range of nutrient rich whole foods, but yes, thats me! Give me a high plant based (fibre rich) and quality essential fat eating plan with sensational first class protein foods such as tuna, salmon, dairy and alike and Im happy as a pig in mud!

The real fat burning solution is to eat a diverse range of  nutrient rich whole foods as often as possible, and to choose the right foods and avoid very low calorie “liquid diet” products unless of course your under the supervision of your GP or other Allied Health Professional for a specific medical reason.