Where to Begin?

I don’t think I can sum this up into 200-300 words we here we go.

I guess my adventure started when I met Craig a bit over 2 years ago at a gym I was attending. I started a 6 week program with him, I didn’t quite make the most of it and like most things I did I just gave up.

Forward about 2 years, my mother had asked me for weeks to join her at her ICE class but I was too scared, lazy and embarrassed too. As all mums do she went and signed me up to the ICE classes anyway much to my MAJOR disgust. Needless to say I was a bit grumpy with her for a few days, especially after my first ICE session (it was a killer). I still went and did the ICE classes even started to enjoy them. Then I went to one of Craig’s seminars and decided to sign up for a twelve week program. April came and my 12 week program began. My first step was to find my WHY. My WHY I believe has saved my life. It is the one of the major contributors that has kept me going through my entire journey.

MY WHY: I wanted to look in the mirror without feeling disgust. I could put up with a lot, but looking at myself was one of the hardest things to do. Then there was the fact at 20 years of age I was a recluse, I was so embarrassed with my appearance and self-pity, that I continued to decline friends to go out, I hadn’t even been to a club. I could not bring myself to subject others to what I felt was complete ugliness, because if I couldn’t even bare looking at myself then who would?

So with this Why I applied myself to all aspects of the MP Program. I ate 5-6 PCO3 correct meals a day I had started weight training 2 times a week and Intense Cardio Exercise 3 times a week. But I didn’t have to spend hours upon hours doing this. All up I think it averaged to about 4 hours of my week with exercise. The support that I got from my 12 week program was unlike any other! Every Monday I sat among friends and shared my experiences/ struggles in an open and warm friendly environment and got to hear others as well.

This experience was one I can never be more thankful for. My mum and dad were my strength through all those times I really wanted that Tim Tam or Turkish Delight they were right there beside to help me make better choices. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy a small amount every so often but all in moderation. I owe my parents so much and love them so deeply.

Now I hate to be all soppy but Craig is not just my unreasonable friend (although he is good at it); Craig, his incredible and lovely wife Deb and there gorgeous boy Bear have become my second family. Their love and support have helped me through just the beginning of my transformation. The knowledge that Craig has imprinted not only on me but on so many is life changing. I literally owe my life to this man.

Now fast forward about 6 months later and I am a different person. Like everyone I have those days which are harder than others, but there is always support, especially from the Fusion family! I have created friendships which I hope will last a lifetime. The massive amount of support that my parents, Craig, Deb and the entire fusion family have shown me is something that I can never forget nor ever want to.

Thank you Craig Kelly you’re a life saver.

Courtney xx