What a cracking question!

Well let’s take a look at some simple lifestyle strategies that can assist you IMMEDIATELY!

Natural ways to strengthen your gut wall!

Your intestinal lining has incredibly important functions –  generally speaking it primary function is to act as the gatekeeper! This means keeping nasty toxins out of your body and allowing selected nutrients in. The following strategies all help to improve the integrity of your gut lining:


  • Yes surprise, surprise. Who would have though your diet would have anything to do with supporting optimal gut health? (yes i am being facetious!) Eat plenty of  organic fruits & vegetables, which are an excellent source of both soluble fibre, and insoluble fibre. Fibre helps to prevent stagnation of bowel contents and it fuels good bacteria in your intestines. Fibre acts like a prebiotic, meaning it provides a food source for good bugs in your intestines! Yes that’s correct, its a high octane fuel that allows your gut bugs to do their magic! And these mighty gut bugs utilise this fibre to as fuel to build short chain fatty acids like butyrate to fuel our immune systems. How cool!
  • Try to consume fermented foods regularly, such as sauerkraut, other fermented vegetables, kefir, kimchi & good quality yogurts, NOT some artificially sweetened, or sugar laden man made trailer trash, but a real full fat organic greek yoghurt, or natural yoghurt.  If you can’t tolerate cow’s milk, make the kefir and yogurt out of sheep, goat or coconut milk. For many a good quality practitioner range probiotic can also assist in helping manage and improve a dysbiotic gut (out of balance with good and bad bugs). Drop me an email or give me a buzz to discuss the right probiotic for you.
  • Consider using a digestive enzyme supplement (with a protease blend and enzyme blend including bromelain, lipase, lactase etc) with meals if you experience indigestion, bloating, burping or gas. They are indicators that you aren’t digesting your food properly. If that is the case, bad bugs, yeast and Candida will thrive on your undigested food and you’ll end up with high levels of unfavourable organisms in your bowel. again, if in doubt discuss with me as to find out the correct products to be using.
  • You may need a herbal product to assist in eradicating  intestinal parasites such as Blasto, of D-Frag and other bad bugs. The herbs black walnut, pau’d arco, cloves and wormwood, oregano are all effective anti-parasitics and found many good botanical parasite formulas.
  • One of my favourite supplements of all time L-Glutamine is an incredibly important supplement for strengthening the gut lining because the cells that line your intestines use glutamine as a fuel source.  l -Glutamine is very beneficial when taken long term as a general gut -immune supporter, but it is also an excellent first aid remedy for diarrhea, gastroenteritis, food poisoning or any condition that results in an upset tummy, for many patients. Again though, not all products are created equal so be sure to consult with me to find the best possible ingredient quality, as some people with the cheaper forms can have further gastric distress and this can lead to gastric distress.
  • Find out if you have any food allergies and or food sensitivities. It’s then imperative to eliminate these offending food/s from your diet. You cannot make real progress in improving your health if you continue to eat foods your body considers toxic. Common culprits include gluten – gliadin, wheat, dairy products – especially casein, soy, corn, eggs, nuts, refined sugars, seed oils . I am able to send you for specific antibody tests to assist in diagnosing any foods that your immune system is unhappy with.
  • Keep your intake of  added sugars, stimulants like coffee and energy drinks, and alcohol low. If you continually turn to those substances when stressed & exhausted, it may well be time to look at some pituitary support. Supplements such as a botanical adaptogen blend (some ginsengs and withania) and  magnesium may well and truly assist. Did you know: magnesium is required by the enzymes in your body that generate energy. It can also helps to relax your nervous system at night while you’re asleep, or trying to get to sleep, and importantly assist in managing high blood pressure.


So there you have a few simple lifestyle changes and functional tests that are reasonably easy to implement and have undertaken, that can have you well and truly on your way to a happy, healthy gut. Which of course therefore leads to a happy health immune system, and brain.

Now if anything is worth making some subtle lifestyle sacrifices to ascertain optimal health and wellness, I do believe the area of your “GUT permeability” is indeed the very best place to start.

Craig Kelly

Nutritionist/ Environmental Health Practitioner