If only I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question!

So rather than get all technical, and “science heavy” with you on this one, ill run with something that’s just  easy to understand, and simple to apply to YOUR everyday life.

So let’s break it down:

In my professional opinion a good diet involves replacing processed foods (carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices, refined sugar ladened foods, artificial sweeteners, and processed meats), where possible, with fresh whole foods and grains (yes, “mother nature’s” gifts, those off a tree, from the ground, walk the land or swim the ocean).

It means eating controlled portions of the starchy foods such as breads, pasta, white rice (for those looking to improve their blood glucose sensitivity, and control other metabolic diseases) as these tend to increase weight and raise blood sugars, with those susceptible to do so.

Along with a high sugar diet, they also tend to have a negative effect on our gut bacteria, reducing the diversity of our microbiome (not a good thing for your gut, nor your general health and wellbeing in anyways – including your mental health :-( ).

Swapping these so called “foods”, for real foods such as lentils, chickpeas, black beans, high fat fish, plenty of fibrous & colourful fruits and vegetables & other diverse foods, including fermented foods (Kimchi,Kombucha, and yes, dairy) along with others like whole grain alternatives, may well help improve your blood sugar levels and boost your biome, and your general health outcomes.

Now that is what I call a good diet. One that if full of colour, flavours, fibre, diversity and variety that supports your optimal performance every day!

Here is what to look out for in YOUR DIET as indicators that something just isnt right:


Whats that Craig, i hear you yell?

Hang on team, im getting there! :-)

Here we go:

H= Are you often (always) HANGRY? Yes so darn agitated you want to eat someone’s arm of the bone? If so its time to review what your doing, as its simply NOT sound!

E= Are your ENERGY levels often in the trash? Are you so under nourished that your performance is just “fairyfloss” at best? Again, if your not able to train in the panel beater to your optimal potential and make regular improvements, the diet your following may well need a tune up!

C= Yes the old CRAVINGS! If you’re craving anything from chocolate, to pizza, to a slice of sourdough bread (or 6) then something needs to change too. Its quite possible that your hormones are in the gutter and you may be in such a huge caloric deficit that again your body and microbiome are screaming for some food.

So again, a very simple and easily digestible formula for you to self critique how your diet is doing, and if you are truly eating for your optimal health, performance, and yes, body shape.

If you’re struggling and what some sound Nutrition advice from a qualified, practicing Nutritionist who practices what they preach, and wish to work with you in collaboration, (not just tell you what to do) but help you tailor your own lifestyle success approach contact me directly on 0414325799 to arrange YOUR FREE 30 minute consult with me. And yes I can work with you anywhere, we have many methods including our leading online coaching program.

Have a wonderful day all, and remember to make great food choices, as there is consequences for your choices!


“Experience the real difference”