I recon some things are worth sharing, and this is one of those times.

About two years ago my partner Kirsten made an appointment for me to see this guy named Craig Kelly because I had been struggling with my training. See I have always been active doing weights and thought my diet was pretty good. After an hour with Craig just talking about what I wanted from my training to help my performance as a motorcycle racer I went home with some big changes I needed to make.

First was to change how I trained, and much to my displeasure it was suggested I do cardio, something very alien to me.

Second was to understand why and when you ate certain foods.

Craig wrote me a new weights training program 3 days a week (FIRE) and with that I did 3 days (ICE) cardio training. I was a bit suss on the cardio thing, but it turned out to be a lot of fun with encouragement and support coming from everyone in the class. Anyway after a few months on CK’ s program and eating well my training was starting to show its worth. I noticed a huge change in my endurance and strength, and lost a few unwanted kilo’s along the way. Things were looking pretty good both on and off the track.

June last year whilst competing in the Aussie Supermoto Titles as a result of a heavy fall I badly damaged my shoulder which required surgery. After six weeks in a sling and many months of rehab and physiotherapy I was able to get back to see Craig in December for a new program to work in with my depleted strength and lack of movement in my shoulder.

In this time back with Craig my cardio and strength gains are coming along well. Two weeks ago a got back onto the bike for a weekend test, I can say all the hard work was worth it. I have to say without Craig Kelly’s support and advise I wouldn’t be back riding this soon.

To anyone out there who is wanting to put some healthy weight on or take some off, learn how to eat better, understand weight training, or improve your cardio fitness. Call this guy, it’s the best call you will ever make. First round of the Qld Supermoto Champs in May is looking good.

Thanks Craig, couldn’t have done it without you mate.

Dave Oliver