Try these proven fat loss tips, which will actually help you keep off that stubborn body fat, and lose the love handles!

Avoid high fructose corn syrup – the liver doesn’t like it! The fat cells do
Science shows that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is bad news. The stuff is everywhere guys, yoghurts, cereals, breads, cakes, sauces, muesli bars, pastries, confectionary, drinks. You can’t avoid it, if you don’t know where it is!

Keep away from junk food – It’s Addictive, it will win
Junk food can affect your brain in ways similar to drug abuse. It’s all about something called the “bliss point”. Food companies manufacture foods in labs to nail this bliss point, to get you addicted, sad, but true!

Structure meal times & prioritise you
Long stretches without food make people crave energy-dense snacks, which can make healthy choices difficult. Let your hormones work for you, not against you.

Satisfy your body – especially at breakfast
A protein-rich breakfast leaves you less hungry for the rest of the day. Some fat in the meal can help, too. Try avocado!

Favour foods closer to nature; avoid HI (Human interference)
Select whole fresh foods over processed ones will naturally optimise the healthiness of your food choices, and hasten fat loss and weight management.

Change your environment
Altering your food environment – whether this means using smaller plates or keeping seconds out of immediate reach, pillage, purge and replace in the pantry and fridge: this will help you lose weight.

Enjoy your food – don’t loathe it
Don’t diet, deprive yourself, or undertake fads, trends, and liquid only regimes. Use diversity and variety to enable long-term success, and a sustainable relationship with all things food and exercise. It’s the only way to long-term success!