Have I got a treat for you today Fusion family? Yes indeed.

Are you ready to give your tastebuds a treat, a mother natures treat?

You have to give these 5 new kids on the block a crack really, some of them taste just like toffee caramel, true!


1. Canistel – this friend resembles the mango. The canistel however grows in a slender, erect tree that produces the divine yellow- orange magic fruit. It has a soft consistency of a hard boiled egg yolk and it can be eaten fresh or seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

2. Star Apple – can either have a purple or green skins, but you can rest assured which ever you devour first, the flesh of both is incredibly sweet and smells divine, just like caramel and vanilla milkshake, don’t believe me? Will give it a crack!



3. Brazilian Custard Apple – yes it may have a strange looking exterior team, however, this little beauty is well worth trying. With its creamy flesh, and oh it’s so very juicy and tastes like lemon meringue pie, or lemon sherbet, yummo. With its amazing yellow or green skin this fruit is best eaten fresh.

4. Sapodilla – this is my favourite. Parents out there if you are trying ever so hard to rid the nasty refined sugars and addictive human interfered with lab foods for the kids, this is a must. Sweet, you bet. When ripe, this ball of Mother Nature magic with its brown skin tastes just like sweet caramel or brown sugar. Chill it and eat fresh, you won’t be disappointed at all! Nor, will the kids!



5. And what about this little ripper, the Red Dacca Banana. OMG it looks amazing doesn’t it? With its effervescent red skin, and divine yellow sweet flesh, a treat for us all to indulge in just a little.

However, if you can’t get hold of this mighty mother natures gift try any of the other cultivars such as cavendish, lady finger, monkey finger, dwarf cavendish.

Growing bananas is highly regulated and you need a permit guys, so check with the Dept. Of Primary Industries.

If your struggling to find these little rippers in your local farmers markets or Asian supermarkets try this link to grab most of them online:

or rare fruits Australia on 07 40982664

So there you have it team. I am consistently talking to you all about food diversity, so now there is no excuses. Give these little rippers a crack, you will be racing back for more, and won’t those little critters within your gut (probiotics) be very very happy for the fuel diversity.