Think about this: There are approximately 100 trillion organisms that outnumber YOUR own human cells by 10:1, being housed in YOUR gut. Mostly bacteria, but there are others in there too, such as viruses, fungi and so forth. Our bacteria, and their colleagues along with their metabolic products and their genetic material formulate to comprise the microbiome. This microbiota is a lush eco-system of magic that we are just learning more and more about each and every day.

Mind blowing isnt it?

Its even been penciled in the literature that YOUR microbiome is now thought rather as a vital organ rather than an accessory. Yes its now becoming so well respected that Billions and Trillions of dollars are being spent by researchers, governments and pharmacy to discover more magic from these amazing collaborators of ours. Im sitting here shaking my head in ore of these magic these little critters can do for us if we just learn to respect them. Read on, please!

So why is it that i mention YOUR GUT is the peacekeeper to YOUR brain?

Well fundamentally it’s the ability of YOUR gut to prevent foreign bodies from entering your bloodstream that prevents most, if not all chronic illness. Yes thats correct! The wall that separates interior of YOUR GUT and YOUR bloodstream, is life critical!

Yes your GUT and your brain are working in tandem. They operate in synergy. And as I mentioned just earlier one of the most under rated and over abused areas of our bodies are our GUTS! Recall: a critical function of YOUR GUT is to inhibit foreign nasties from entering into your bloodstream and then being transported all around your body via the bloodstream to wreck absolute catastrophic disorder in the most precious of organs including the brain. I hope you’re now getting interested, as I am about to petrify you! Yes its therefore true that YOUR GUT has the direct impact on YOUR brain at this very moment, and into the distant future. YOUR GUT has the ability to stimulate, activate and cause, or dismiss, prevent and and monitor many neurodegenerative diseases & other chronic diseases!

You have by now heard me continually bang on about lifestyle choices and optimal health. Its my whole adult lifes work! Many have attended my seminars and heard me share information about YOUR  healthy lifestyle choices leading to a happy, robust, effervescent and vigourous microbiome, yes “happy bugs”! How this happy flourishing eco-system leads to an optimal functioning immune system that assists in reducing systemic cellular information that allows your body to be void of nasty diseases such as metabolic syndrome (diabesity, hypertension, high cholesterol) depression and other mood disorders, autoimmune diseases, asthma and even the dreaded big “C”! In the USA the National Cancer Institute has in recent times suggested that certain GUT bacteria can assist in educating the immune system so as to aid in the reduction in the tumour growth, and in doing so also assist in the pharmaceuticals used to treat the disease work with more vigour.

These mighty bacteria also do plenty more (yes wait there is more)! They manufacture neurotransmitters, vitamins that we can not produce by ourselves. They support normal function and structure of the gastrointestinal system, they assist in metabolism, blood glucose level control, immunity, hell, they even have a say in your weight, body shape, how hungry you are and what you eat. So i ask you “who is leading who?”

So back to this relationship with your grey matter! Its all about YOUR GUTS internal wall! Im sure you have heard of leaky gut (unless you have been living under a rock of course). This leaky gut becomes a massive issue. Why you ask? Well as mentioned earlier, if foreign objects are allowed to cross this permeable barrier (in YOUR GUT – think of this barrier as the peacekeeper) and enter the bloodstream and then cross the blood brain barrier, all hell can break loose, leading to disease. You see YOUR GUT has one single cell thick barrier that allows you to keep the nasty toxins from escaping into your bloodstream and therefore playing “Russian Roulette” with YOUR immune system and YOUR genome, yes whats coded in YOUR DNA! Yes again, it all comes back to that old saying YOUR DNA is the loaded GUN, but its YOUR environment that ultimately PULLS THE TRIGGER! These single cells should be held tightly together to form a final line of defence to prevent these toxins wreaking havoc. But with hideous choices in lifestyle factors, these cells can become loose, fragile, and permeable, and this my friends leads to the nasty game of systemic inflammation and lets call it “pre-disease”.

This leaky gut leads to to a unhappy, bacterial ecosystem that is lacking in diversity and harmony. Yes sad face time :-(.

Our friends (bacteria) can no longer fight the good fight, and protect the intestinal lining and the toxins go to work. This leads to the cascade of events which elevates systemic inflammation, which stimulates an immune response and therefore may collaborate with diseases such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, type 1 and 2 diabetes, autism, Alzheimer’s, Cancer and the list just continues on. As you can well see these breaches in the permeability of YOUR GUT wall effects not only your GUT health but also other vital organs and tissues which include, but are definitely not inclusive of the bones, skin, liver, kidneys, pancreas and the mighty brain.

Are you scared yet? More importantly are you intrigued as yet? And wanting to know what you can do to avoid hurting your bug friends and playing russian roulette with your toxic lifestyle choices and your gene codes?

Well here is a little gift in what you can do or not do(its always your choice), funny that :-) to massage your gut bugs and their genes, ready?

  • Eliminate CRAP (carbonated sugary drinks, refined processed carbohydrates (pastries, cakes, pies, sausage rolls, hot dogs, lollies), artificial sweeteners and preservatives, processed meats and products
  • Eat more plant foods! Yeas aim for at least 15 different food sources a day! Fibre is king!
  • Look further into gluten and going gluten free, and kick refined vegetable oils to the kerb
  • Undertake more Mind Massage – yes stress will kill us all! In excess of course, some stress is good! Just not being exposed to it all day, everyday! Find a way to chill out, yes you need a pressure release valve on the slow cooker we call life!
  • Get better educated on all the medications you shovel down your GUT and find out if you can better control your own body so you can slowly kick these drugs to the kerb, so as to allow your GUT bugs to thrive.

So as you can see, its mighty important you start to own the fact that you truly are what you eat, and what you eat, eats! Your GUT and YOUR BRAIN are relying on YOU to defy disease with your fork, motivated movement, mind massage, and being consistent and persistent, YOUR LIFE does rely on it!


Peace out team, until next time!

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