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At Fusion Fat Loss and Nutrition, we recognise our clients goals often live across not just one area of their busy lives, but a combination of areas. Our holistic approach to synergising or fusing all 4 key elements in mind massage, nutrition, fitness and family, allows for YOU to optimise YOUR success. YOUR journey becomes part of our lives, and our personal touch is our belief in YOU! We truly do want YOU to find YOUR “inner strength” and allow YOU to reconnect with YOUR life. All YOU need is the support, the mentorship, the coaching, the community, and yes, the self-belief to make it happen for YOU. And it’s this unique approach that we at Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition provide YOU with that allows YOU to find the solutions to YOUR health and wellness problems, for life!

Your life is a result of the choices you make… If you don’t like your life it’s time to start making better choices.


With the Fusion Nutrition programs you will better understand your body and metabolism, be able to eat foods you love and transform your body and maintain it for life! Individual and group programs.

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Get moving now with our Muscle Mayhem group circuit personal training sessions for just $49.99 per week incl. 3 sessions! Transform your body, burn fat, make friends and have a blast!

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Start with The Panel Beater, true body shaping Group Weight Training Sessions from $55 per week to maximise your result! This program is jam packed with the best value you can get.

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With the Fusion Complete 13 week Body Transformation programs YOU WILL take control of your life, YOU WILL see amazing results and YOU WILL maintain your body for life. ARE YOU READY?

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Start here with your FREE 20 minute phone problem solving consultation with Craig valued at $49

Your personal 20 minute phone consultation with Craig Kelly, Queensland’s leading fitness professional will find real solutions and help you understand that they are achievable and how.