Fusion Panel Beater: YOUR real body shape changer!

Boutique Group Sessions

TIMETABLE: Select times and days only, contact Craig for details.
DURATION: 30 minute sessions
PERIOD: No lock-in contracts
FORMAT: Group resistance / weight training
INVESTMENT: From $39 per session

Train 1 on 1 directly with Craig

TIMETABLE: Contact Craig for availability.
DURATION: 60 minute sessions
PERIOD: No lock-in contracts
FORMAT: Personal 1-on-1 resistance / weight training
INVESTMENT: From $66 per session


Fusion Panel Beater group training from $39 per session and maximise your result!

Train directly with Craig with a tailored individual strength training program that is designed by a true body transformation technician which is engineered for YOUR body to incinerate its body fat stores by increasing your lean fat burning muscle mass, safely and effectively in an enjoyable and time efficient manner.

  • No lock in periods of contracts with us! Just results with every single rep!
  • Personalised exercise sessions and custom built exercise programs that are tailored to your specific goals, dreams, and expectations.
  • Join our Boutique Group Sessions from as little as $39 per session (30 minutes only) * select times and days only call Craig for specific details and availability!
  • Or train 1 on 1 directly with Craig with sessions that optimises every rep of every exercise in the mighty panel beating room! Sessions will be up to an hour in duration! Starting from as little as 66$ per session!* Contact Craig directly to find out more about payment structure and availability!

There is NO uncomfortable feeling of being watched, stared at, or talked about, just support, and the feeling of belonging.

This is not like anything you have experienced before; this is the true body shape changer, guaranteed!


Craig’s tailored strength program is the fastest, healthiest and most successful way to reach your goals… guaranteed!