Nutrition Consultation

DATES:By appointment
DURATION:60-90 minute consultations
PACKAGES:5, 7 or 12 session packs
INVESTMENT:From $79 per session


A one on one personal consultation designed to address your unique and individual problem/s and give you the clarity YOU are searching for. NO more confusion, NO more fads, diets, starvation, deprivation nor being HANGRY. Finally the whole diet and nutrition subject will make sense to YOU, and YOU can say good bye to the yo-yo diet world forever!

  • In each of these nutrition consultations we work together to provide you the education and skill set to deal with all things food, nutrition, diet, planning, preparation, meal construction, nourishment and most importantly helping you make your foods fast, delicious and mighty nutritious!
  • You will learn that what YOU really eat DOES make or break YOU! And YES if you get YOUR nutrition wrong it can truly sabotage your results – for good! However, when YOU get it right (with all the information Craig will provide you with) YOUR results are YOURS forever.
  • So in a nut shell what YOU are learning is this: Success revolves around what you eat, when you eat it, why you’re eating it, and how much you eat of it! And all of this will be provided to YOU with clarity, NO confusion, and the information YOU can take home and implement immediately! So YES, accelerating YOUR success and with REAL food!
  • The process leads to an adventure in re-educating your mind-set to DE-DIET,  & therefore learn how to build better relationships with food which provides you with beneficial nutrition, that again allows you all the necessary energy, vitality, vigour, and effervescence to undertake regular motivated movement to optimise your time invested in YOUR lifestyle commitments. YES this nutrition coaching and education WILL change YOUR life forever. And it all happens with one bite at a time!

Our tailored approach is about getting you to see daily improvements for your investment in yourself. The process of adapting new habits that will allow you the ability to transform YOUR body and maintain it for life, this again is my guarantee to YOU!

Craig is a Qualified Nutritionist and Award Winning Exercise Specialist!

Nutrition & Diet Rehab

DURATION:60-90 minute sessions
PERIOD:13 week blocks
INVESTMENT:$79 per week


Our Nutrition & Diet Rehab program is built around the same process as an individual consultation with a more holistic view to address key problems associated with eating, diet, exercise and maintaining YOUR results long after the program is completed with Craig.

The Nutrition and Diet Rehab program is unique in that the 13 week program is broken down into 13 separate topics that build on from one another. Each week the subject discussed allows us to work together to allow YOU all the necessary strategy, and tactics to successfully build into YOUR day-to-day life so as to finally achieve YOUR desired dreams and goals, and again all with a 100% money back guarantee.

This program is truly the nucleus to YOUR success. If YOU have tried everything before and its always FAILED YOU long term, YOU will find in the Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition “Nutrition and Diet rehab” program all the answers YOU seek lie within this “unique” lifestyle program for YOU. This truly is where YOUR success lies, hundreds of happy, successful people cant be wrong! Can they? View our success stories here!

YES, YOU will obtain clarity. There will be NO MORE confusion, NO more diets, NO more starving, and NO more elimination for the sake of fad, trend or what’s in vogue. YOU will get the truth, the science, the support and most importantly the education to build YOUR very own eating program that YOU can sustain long-term and enjoy, and that is where YOUR long term success lies, being able to make food work for YOU!

Are you excited?

As we truly are YOUR solution provider, yes all YOUR health and well-being problems are solved here!

Again, it’s my guarantee to YOU!

Craig has over 25 years experience to help you on your journey!

Group supermarket tours

DATES:Run quarterly, on a Saturday morning
LOCATION: Coles Supermarket, Mango Hill
DURATION:90-120 minutes
CAPACITY:Limited to 12 people per tour!
INVESTMENT:$35 per person



  • Craig will show you how to read food labels in as little as 10 seconds flat!
  • Learn how to choose products to make fast, delicious and nutritious food that align to your health and well being goals.
  • Remove myths and confusion aligned to food and diet.
  • Personal tours available by appointment.

You will be amazed how easy it is to shop and make lifestyle choices, without all the confusion that currently exists, when you understand what to look for to optimise your health and wellbeing. That’s my guarantee to YOU!

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to shop better choices when you know what to look for!