So you have tried a deprivation style dieting system in the past, and yes, you lost some weight!

But my question to you is this…

If it was so great, so effective, and so easy, why did you stop? And why are you needing to go on some hair brained crash dieting program once more?

Real success is never about deprivation,starvation and dieting!

Real success means you implement new behaviours for life, not for a few short weeks.

If you feel like you must revert back to “normal”, your so called success strategy is very likely to be the wrong one for you!

Again, real success is tailored to you. Aligning new behaviours and attitudes to you actions which form life long habits, yes, a new lifestyle.

Success is never about following some new craze, fad or celebrity recommendation. Real success involves you listening to your body, educating yourself with sound information, and forging the new habits that fit into your daily life, without you needing to turn your life completely upside down to enable your dreams to become your reality!

Real success must be enjoyable, sustainable and healthy!

So again I ask you this… How is it working for you?