At this time of year, most people have gone to a festive season party (or about to) and found themselves with a belly stuffed with far more calories than they would normally eat. Some feel little shame for over eating & drinking half their weight in “rocket fuel”, but then others find themselves feeling guilty afterwards and can’t help but think, “wow” why the hell did I do that, again? I simply lose control! And they continue to beat themselves up, and then again turn to food for emotional support or comfort! Warning: Train wreck!

So I stumbled across this question just the other day, and thought that it was very relevant to were many of you may find yourself over the next few weeks. So here is a little success strategy to help you manage this “festive time of year”!


QUESTION: If you accidentally binge eat, or over-indulge at a meal, (a festive season party for example), are you better off missing your next meal to keep your daily caloric intake in tact, or should you just go ahead and eat your next planned meal and not worry about being “over” your planned calories for the day?

What a very relevant question, especially at this time of year!

Did you guys and dolls get a good laugh out of the “accidental binge eating” (is that even possible?) I must admit I did get a huge “belly laugh” from the “accidental” part?

Do you ever really “accidentally” eat anything?

Well maybe you eat “impulsively” at times, but I think you all need to take responsibility for everything you eat and how much you eat. No one is holding the fork to your “food tube’ and making you down the Christmas pudding and custard, or inhale the marinated ham, or scull that bear, or glass of champagne. With a little bit of (the mighty 7P’s – proper preparation and practice prevents p@#s poor performance), you can actually work festive season meals into your eating regime without doing any damage at all. How does that sound? J

If you did overindulge, I usually wouldn’t recommend missing your next meal to make up for it (unless you were literally too stuffed to eat again of course, as you know I often talk about don’t eat if your not hungry!).

I also wouldn’t suggest missing meals or cutting back the next day, either to try and make amends for the calorie overload from you (accidental binge eating episode J).

Its my recommendation that you get back to your “success plan, and routine as quickly as possible”!

Any time you “crash and burn”, work hard to get back to your normal “regularly eating regime,” as quickly as possible as this continues to encourage the strengthening of positive habits. Yes, you got that right; it affirms the power of the subconscious mind, therefore creating this life long success habit!

Habits are vital. It’s not what you do once in a while that matters, it’s what you do every day that really counts. Recall: Its all ‘Groundhog Day like”! Success is all about doing things in an automated way, no energy is required to think the process, its just undertaken subconsciously! Again, this is “success”! Again, not sexy, not trendy, not vogue, just effective, which leads to you successfully obtaining those desired goals!

Its imperative that you immediately look ahead at making plans, strategies, or tactics for how you are going to manage these ever occurring situations in the future! As they will continue to show themselves, its what we call life! Food is such a “social celebration” in our lives, so it’s not a matter of “if” you will be exposed to these temptations again, it’s “when” these situations are presented in front of you, how will you take “control” and defy those tumultuous temptations?

The festive season meals can quite easily be managed into your regular eating regime. It’s almost always a great idea to allow you a couple of weekly “earned meals” year round. This allows a much better success rate in regards to avoiding the “dieting dilemma”, you know, the deprivation, starvation, and elimination processes.

Take action, and plan ahead to make each festive gathering one of those “planned” meals and then enjoy them guilt-free?

As with all things we chat about in your “body transformation journey” it’s always about “Your choices”! If you truly desire a stronger, leaner, fitter, healthier body, then it’s imperative that you don’t blame the festive season for destroying your success. After all, it’s just another day really, the same 24 hours, just like the other 364 days of the year!

Okay enough of the “Grinch mantra please, I’m just painting a picture for you”! And recall: I am always on your side, mentoring, coaching and supporting you to becoming the very best “you”!

So the take home message is this: Yes of course its okay to eat small amounts of your favourite “stuff, (I cant bring myself to call it food”) once in a while as planned “earned meals,” and it’s a good idea to strategically eat more from time to time to keep your metabolism ragging.

However, there’s a HUGE difference between a planned “earned meal” or a planned “free meal” and an UNPLANNED BINGE or PIG OUT on refined sugars, saturated fats, trans fats, and fibre poor, nutrient deficient “stuff”!

Your best bet if you’re really serious about fat loss is to avoid huge meals that just become a “free for all” all together! As we have discussed many times over: If you cant control yourself around certain foods – remove them from your environment”! As well all know to well; If its there, your are going to inhale it”! And then feel self loathe and disgust!

Enjoy some of your favourite festive season foods – but in small planned, controlled amounts, you don’t need to shovel this stuff onto your plate, nor inhale it. Try to enjoy the taste of this stuff, its not an all you can eat banquet!

ALWAYS practice portion control – yes, even in the holiday season, its still just another day to your anatomy and physiology! Yes, more Grinch!

And if you ever do “crash and burn”, don’t beat yourself up (to long), just get right back on the wagon with your next meal and exercise sessions.

Recall, the past is behind you and today is a new day. Reinforce positive language; remember it’s all about the “subconscious mind”!

I hope this has enlightened you all just a tad and you actually enjoy you festive season, and still mange to keep those “building your very best body “dreams and goals of yours aligned and in front of mind!

You simply can’t wing success in your body transformation – its an art and a science!