If I had a dollar for every time a client said to me “Craig – I’m doing ok, I just need you to tell me what to eat!”, I would be a very wealthy lad indeed.

It seems that most of us believe we can simply obtain a piece of paper with a few words and figures on it (a diet) and the magical formula is delivered; that all your prayers have been answered; you finally have the answers to your weight loss or fat loss problems. Again it seems that we believe by having this tailored eating regime (the diet) that has been designed to the kilojoule or calorie (which ever one you want to count) will finally enable you to break those shackles that have been sabotaging you from your achieving the body you say you really want for years, maybe even decades.

Well I am sorry guys, but that is utter rubbish! The answer is never one dimensional, its truly holistic.

 I’ve been working with clients for the best part of 20 years in this health and fitness field and the answer definitely doesn’t lie within a piece of paper. The answers lie in everything but that piece of paper.

You see a “diet” may tell you what to eat, and an exercise program might tell you what to train, how long for, and how many times, but neither of those creates a process for permanent change. Neither of them builds a lifestyle that you want; that you can sustain; that you can enjoy; that you can take ownership of and be proud of or enables you to become a success!

So the ANSWER lies within you, yes you! Its called “YOUR METABOLISM”.

To be successful with a truly amazing life changing body transformation, that you can keep; there are three specific ingredients found within the recipe, otherwise failure is certain, I guarantee you that.

So what are these 3 ingredients that build the foundations for your very best body; giving you the absolute power to break the diet shackles for life?

1: You must be able to perform at your best!
This simply means if you are on some drastic calorie restricted diet that eliminates endless variety of foods then I guarantee that being able to perform at your very best is very unlikely, agreed? Are you really going to feel like coming home from work after battling for 8 hours plus serving on a shake of some sort of soup in a packet and then expect to head off to the gym and work at the intensity that is required to build that body dream about? I don’t think so team. Be honest, your going to feel that shagged that you will stumble in through the door, flick your shoes off, crash on the lounge and there you stay, never to be found again. Your absolutely knackered and the crazy part about all of this this is day freaking 1, you have to do this for the rest of your life, good luck with that one! So if you want to build a body that your proud of and can keep you must be eating lots of fast delicious and nutritious foods (FDN) that builds a metabolism that optimises performance, not eating liking a budgie that will only destroy your metabolism.

2: You must feel great, your immune system is firing on all cylinders!
Yes you have to call your training partner again, or call your Personal Trainer, and don’t forget to call you Boss too, as you wont be in again today  as your still really sick. I see it all to often, these poor people who just try to bust their butts trying to shift some weight, some body fat undertaking ridiculous exercise routines and unsustainable diets, and then BAM, they go down, like a gunshot! They are shattered, they are exhausted, they are broken, and they are dieting! Yes exercise and educated eating is critical to building your very best body, but its knowing what, when and why that is so very important to building a metabolism that is firing, that allows your immune system to be purring like a cat, and allows the FDN foods that your choosing every single day to support your body to build an environment that leads to one thing, a high performance and efficient machine, yes that would be you. You should be feeling great if you are really building something that is truly sustainable for life, if not, jump off now, and find something that will help you feel your very best.

3: You must be rewarded for you choices, yes you must look great!
Yes you read correctly, you must look great, I said it. Well lets be totally honest, we all want to look our best, correct? Who doesn’t? So with all the amazing food choices you making and enjoying, and with the fantastic choices your making with your structured exercise regime (based around FIRE (The Body Shaper) and ICE (The Fat Burner) you want to start seeing those results, that tight, toned and yummy female body. The bold, and buff male body, you really are starting to see your shape change right in front of your very own eyes, and you are so very proud, its emotional, but its yours and you know exactly what to do to keep it! You have earned it, and the best part it really wasn’t that hard after you nailed the basic principles, it truly is a lifestyle that you can live forever and you can enjoy.

So there it is team, if you really want long term success, if you really want to look great, perform brilliantly and feel absolutely amazing you have the answers in front of you, you simply have to be willing to commit and to take what is rightfully yours, a better way of life, free of DIETS and RESTRICTIONS.

Call Craig at Fusion Fat Loss and Nutrition and start your journey to the body you deserve.