Today I thought I would share with you the transformation of one of the gentlemen within our Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition family.

Lee Roberts is a man I have a lot of time and respect for. Lee has gained my respect simply due to his amazing attitude, work ethic, tenacity and commitment. Lee is far from the normal “Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition client”. What do I mean by that? Well he is male! Almost 90% of the Fusion family is female, so I thought i would share a gentleman’s perspective this time round.

So meet Lee Roberts:

I had my “why” moment 18 months ago when I had some unflattering news about my liver function and overall health.

 I decided to contact a nutritionist! To get my food in order as I was not really keen on going to the gym and quite frankly had no idea what i was doing when I got there anyway. I contacted Craig from Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition, simply by chance from a “Google” search, and that’s when my life changed forever. Craig advised me that food, exercise and mind massage go hand in hand, and if I was to work with him our sole focus would be on “re-engineering my metabolism”. That would be achieved by investing in “the panel beater” or the weights room, the kitchen, and most importantly my head space. I was very skeptical, but decided to follow Craig’s advice and commit.

I have learnt so much about food and how to train properly, the importance of weight training and just how to feel good about myself. It’s been quite a journey and I have certainly had a few hiccups along the way, but with a little bit of Craig’s “mind massage” I managed to get right back on track. Craig always says “plateau’s are all part of progress, it is here that the re-engineering is taking place, the metabolic re-wiring is doing its magic.”

Craig has definitely built up a great family here at Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition because his support does not stop at the end of each session. He always makes himself available, and I believe truly wants each and everyone of his clients or”family members” to succeed. I firmly believe even after 18 months my journey is just really beginning and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. 

Thank you Craig for allowing me to build something I am very proud of, and allowing me into your community, I don’t believe I could have achieved this without your sincere tutorage.

One very happy Fusion family member.

Lee Roberts