I was meeting with one of my Fusion “Transform U” clients in my practice and they opened up freely about how much they where struggling to take control of their new lifestyle, they had lost their mo-jo! And when I say struggling, I mean really struggling. To the point tears where freely flowing down this clients’ cheeks, they were in pain! They wanted out of this “DIET NIGHTMARE”, but they just kept falling off the wagon! Yes, the self-sabotaging was catastrophic, and it was leading to emotional and binge eating & drinking that just kept taking them further away from their life goals.

The ironic thing is this! They know what to do! They simply couldn’t empower themselves to stay focused and motivated!

When I asked them to describe their day, it starts off with a bang! Meal times are planned and organised, early morning workout (if it’s a morning workout day is completed) and compliant small meals planned & consumed thereafter. But then they get home and overeat. I was told their partner gets home later than they do so while waiting for them, they nibble, and nibble and then devour! :-(

They are not consuming refined, processed “food like stuff”; no they are eating whole, real food such as cheese, vegetables, nuts, fruit, & even quality proteins such as chicken tenderloins. You see, they are assigned to a low carbohydrate-eating plan for their results to be achieved; so all the foods mentioned are part of their plan! However, this binging then leads to other less then optimal food stuffs being invited into this feeding frenzy! All hell then breaks out and the self-pity party begins! :-(

So why was it all going so very wrong? Why was this educated individual catapulting out of control, and taking themselves further and further away from their desired lifestyle? Why was this self sabotaging destroying this person?

We talked it out as a group (Fusion “TRANSFORM U”) and had a solid, constructive discussion going, since so many others could also relate to what was happening with this client. The group expressed the difficulties in staying on the plan, and how hard it can be when eating out and social situations, and how “ those skinny” people have it so easy! Oh the frustrations, concerns and excuses were flowing fast and consistently, and everyone was venting on how losing weight was such an ongoing battle, and a constant struggle. And then!

There was a brief moment of silence and then the struggling client took a breath and simply said, “I know what I really need to do, I need to own this. I really need to own this entire process. I need to take care of myself, be good to myself and completely own this lifestyle changing experience. That is what I need to do. This is what I want to do. I can do this, as I truly want to take my LIFE back, once and for all”!

The room just went silent! Tears flowed. And then all agreed, yes this was their journey, and they all and the capacity, power, and tools to change and yes, to reconnect with life! They took my breath away. I was so proud of them as their coach, mentor, and support.

For I completely understand how scary it is to “own it”. To truly jump in and own the weight loss process and get out of their comfort zone, take action, and commit to oneself, takes a huge amount of guts! Not only take on the responsibility (yes own it) of losing weight, but owning the new lifestyle that they want to live, and build the habits and actions that will align their dreams and goals to their new reality! Their best life and body!

So once more you can all see there is NO MAGIC quick fix. NO MAGIC diet, or exercise regime. NO magic pill, potion or powder. NO magic trainer, nutritionist, or coach. NO, the answer truly lies in the “MIND MASSAGE”, yes the mental coaching that aligns YOU all to truly reconnecting with the precious gift of LIFE!

Could this be what is holding some of you back? That you are not ready or able to own it yet?

What does “Owning It” mean to you?

Saying NO to that second glass of wine, or that third glass of wine!
Prioritising time on the weekend to batch cook/meal prep for the week!
Saying no to that dessert because you don’t even want it. Eat it when you want it, not just because it is there or everyone else is eating!
Test and measure regularly so you can monitor your progress.
Thinking about your day in advance and planning ahead for busy/hectic/stressful moments & always having a Plan B is “owning it”!
Stopping mid afternoon and eating a complaint meal rather than a reflex, emotional choice like a muffin and caramel latte!
Get out of the diet mentality and start creating sustainable habits
Believe you can do it and committing to you! Your word should be your honour!
Waking up early to exercise. Or going for that workout in the evening, or at your lunch break! If you have it planned, DO IT! That is owning it!
Sharing with friends/family/or community that you need support, and that you want this time to be successful in changing your life forever, not another FAILURE!

It can be very scary! Changing your habits is no joke, and can be mighty uncomfortable! But I believe it is worth it, that you are worth it, and if you want to OWN IT the time to change is NOW.

So go on Jump in, own it and get excited for the new you! Yes you can reconnect with life! You just have to know how to do it! And be willing to be patient!

The solution to your lifestyle problems! Helping you reconnect with LIFE!