Its no coincidence that what you eat affects your mood, check this out!

Its a no brainer (no pun intended) that if we all keep exposing our bodies, and of great importance our brains to the toxins of highly processed food like stuff over time we all heading down the path of misery that leads to shattered health & a toxic mood!

Its imperative if we want to eat for a fantastic mood we invest in fats that are best for our brains. Yes, these are the fats that we find primarily in fish. Also, when we chow down on the amazing whole foods to obtain these nutrients, we obtain a lot of other vitamins and minerals as a bonus, such as the B complex group, vitamin D, iodine, and a plethora of others vital to your smile on your dial.

And we cant forget these beauties, we have to be chowing down on the mind blowing grand phytochemicals from plants to stay happy.


Well we depend on these magical chemical bundles to prevent damage to our brain cells. We also require these nutrients to protect our DNA from all the toxic damage we keep exposing ourselves to in this day and age with the human interfered with lab made foods that shrink and damage our brains. These wonderful medicinal plant chemicals work in such a complex manner that the science is only just starting to understand how and why food keeps us happy and in a great mood.

So here is another 8 wonderful foods that I recommend heavily you make friends with so as to keep you happy and healthy all whilst having you in a mood that has people wanting to be around you, are you ready?

wild salmon – non farmed
avocado – organic
cherry tomatoes – organic if possible
extra virgin olive oil
capsicums (all types) organic if possible
beetroot – organic if possible
garlic – organic if possible

kale – organic

What a great idea, whack them all together and the mind massaging these little rippers will supply will be out of this world! No broken brain for you guys and dolls!

“Experience the real difference”