Over the past 10 years I have been kindly provided with hundreds of heart felt letters that endorse what it has meant to my clients to reconnect with life. If you’re looking for validation as to why you need to change your life then read what other Fusion Family Members are saying.

Is this where you are?

“I have always been reserved and shy, hesitant to try new things that may lead to failure or embarrassment, so I was extremely nervous when my husband, Andrew, mentioned visiting Craig Kelly at Fusion Fat Loss and Nutrition. How was this going to be different to the various programs and gym memberships tried previously? “. Sue O’Brien.

katie-before“I started exercising with a local boot camp and stayed with them for 3 years. I had never really exercised before, so I was VERY unfit, scared and timid but after a few months I started to enjoy the sessions and how my body was becoming fitter and my confidence with exercise had grown. I left because I had become bored and in three years I hadn’t lost any weight but could keep up with the skinny people (or the body beautiful ) what did it really matter? Joined a few different fitness groups but could only last 3months… nothing felt right”. Katie McShea.

Where it started for these clients.

katie-before“I was whinging to my husband about not being able to find a gym or fitness group, when he threw the name Craig Kelly at me. My husband had a work mate (Toni Gilliland) that had been posting her “body transformation” on face book and he had commented how “great” she was doing and that she was thoroughly enjoying it….” Katie McShea.

“When I walked into Craig’s office in November 2014, I was fearful I was going to tear up and cry. I listened intently and I left Craig’s office feeling motivated and optimistic. He really got me thinking about the ‘why’. Why was I there? Why was I doing something now?” Sue O’Brien.

“About 9 months ago Fusion Fat Loss entered my life…well…my wife Helen’s life. Helen met Craig through the local Gym and began a 12 week body transformation. I started to then hear all these different ideas on nutrition and saw first hand what Helen was eating and when. It sparked my curiosity, particularly once I started to see the fat loss and muscle gains Helen was achieving. I went a nutrition seminar to see Craig speak and what I learnt made sense to me. Fast forward to present day and we have now been training together with Craig for 6 months and I must say it’s been some of the best months of my life. I feel amazing, my wife looks amazing and we know the knowledge we gain from every visit will continue to be valuable to us and our kids for our entire lives. Our entire focus on health and nutrition has changed dramatically. We have come to love it so much that we had even set up our own home gym to help support our training focus.” Tony Slater.

Finding the right person for the right advice.

“Never have I met such an amazing, supportive, genuine and caring people in all my life. These are the people I wish I had known all my life. These people have changed my life and my perspective on exercise forever. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would enjoy exercise, but these amazing people inspire me beyond belief and I look forward to seeing them at both FIRE and ICE training sessions. I can’t thank Craig Kelly enough for building such a legacy and amazing family within Fusion Fat Loss and Nutrition, and allowing my family to become part of yours. As mentioned earlier, family is everything to me and you are now all part of mine forever. I also thank my amazing husband who pushed me, motivated me, and believed in our potential as exercise partners to undertake this journey together. You inspire me!” Sue O’Brien.

katie-before“I did what any normal person in 2013 would do, I googled “Craig Kelly” I stalked his website and face book page. WOW, he was different. He shared his past about his own struggles with food and exercise in a raw and honest way, but also how he had overcome these struggles with education and time. He has a purpose, he wants to leave a legacy. My gut feeling about him being different was 100% percent correct. He has a high level of education regarding food and exercise not only from a science level but a personal level. I knew nothing. The fear started to creep in, I felt vulnerable and within the first hour of meeting Craig it didn’t take long to realise why my last 3 years of boot camp were very unsuccessful. As strange as it sounds I’ve leant that feeling fearful and venerable is a good thing. It makes you open your eyes and mind, drop your guard and find a new level of confidence you didn’t know you had which helps you embrace a new change”. Katie McShea.

Less time training with better results!

katie-before“I would exercise 3 x week at boot camp for 1hrs sessions = 3hrs total in one week and achieving very little and did so for 3 years which no one in that environment seemed to notice. Today I train 6 x week at a high level. 3 x Resistance training (FIRE) 1/2 Hr per session = 1.5hrs week, 3 x intense cardio sessions (ICE) 20mins per session = 1hrs, Grand total = 2.5 Hours of exercise per week. I do less exercise, eat more nutritional food and get better results than I’ve ever had before. I work with the same like minded people who love to train but also love to laugh, but the real difference is; I decided to push past my fear and be trained by a Body transformation specialist who is a qualified nutritionist with real life experience; who allows me, to be me.” Katie McShea.

Nutrition and professional advice.

tony-pic“The knowledge I have gained with the coaching and guidance of Craig has pulled me out of the rut I was in. I currently sit at approx 17% body fat, losing the last 8kgs or so in my first Fusion Fat Loss 12 week program. I’m now at 72kgs and without drugs have lowered my cholesterol to 6.7. For me that’s an exciting change, knowing the strength training coupled with great nutrition is making such profound changes in many different aspects of my life.” Tony Slater.

katie-before“Fusion Fat loss and Nutrition is a unique business. I have found Craig Kelly’s contagious passion for fitness and nutrition has encouraged me as an individual to want to do well. I’ve achieved in areas of fitness I didn’t thing where possible and doing it in a way that it fits into my busy life. Having the nutritional knowledge to share with my family is priceless. Making informed decisions about food to get the best out of every work out, so I know when I’m taking time away from my family and investing it into me (guilt free), that I’m not wasting a single second or opportunity to get the results I want”. Katie McShea.

“Craig has taught me so much about food choices, exercise, the power of the mind, and myself in such a short space of time!! I am in a totally different space both emotionally and physically than I was 5 months ago. Not only did he bring his nutritional expertise, his personal training, his professionalism, and his life’s passion to me, but he also brought something entirely unexpected. He brought his family – his Fusion Family!” Sue O’Brien.

Exercise is fun!

katie-before“I have just completed Craig’s 6 week ‘body transformation’ I was a bit freaked out initially with the thought of training in the ‘panel beating shop’ but WOWeee is all I can say. It was the best time ever.” Jo Gibbs.

Results speak for themselves.

katie-before“I started with Craig in August 2013 Weight 87.9kg, still married, kids a little older, working part time. April 2015 Weight 75kg, still married, kids older, still working part time.” Katie McShea.

“I have dropped 3 dress sizes since beginning my journey with Fusion Fat Loss and Nutrition. I still have a long way to go physically, cognitively and emotionally, but I now know that I’m on the right track with the right people. I am exposing myself to opportunities I would NEVER have attempted before (eg Jetty-to-Jetty) and am loving every minute of it! I’m excited for what’s to come!” Sue O’Brien.

“I started training for triathlons about 3 years ago. In the beginning I had no sense of training and how I should be eating for training and competition. This approach worked to a degree for the shorter events, but with the ultimate goal of competing in half and full Ironman distance races I knew I had to get my act together and get some proper information on how I should be approaching this. Since working with Craig he has opened my eyes to different training regimes ie – rather than thinking pure weight loss, think fat loss but with muscle retention for strength on the bike, run and swim. Through Craig’s knowledge and enthusiastic delivery I have been able to set myself on a correct eating path and have integrated the strength training as part of my overall regime. Since doing my first half Ironman one year ago my times have dramatically dropped from 7 hrs 15 mins to just over 6 hours. This has been largely attributed to the direction from Craig of eating correctly (when what and how) and also to Craig’s belief in what I do. Thanks Craig for being such a super motivating trainer. I look forward to you helping me achieve my goal of my first full Ironman event. You’re a champion!” Steve Gibbs

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