Over the past 10 years I have been kindly provided with hundreds of heart felt letters that endorse what it has meant to my clients to reconnect with life. If you’re looking for validation as to why you need to change your life then read what other Fusion Family Members are saying.

Is this where you are?

“I have always been reserved and shy, hesitant to try new things that may lead to failure or embarrassment, so I was extremely nervous when my husband, Andrew, mentioned visiting Craig Kelly at Fusion Fat Loss and Nutrition. How was this going to be different to the various programs and gym memberships tried previously? “. Sue O’Brien.

katie-before“I started exercising with a local boot camp and stayed with them for 3 years. I had never really exercised before, so I was VERY unfit, scared and timid but after a few months I started to enjoy the sessions and how my body was becoming fitter and my confidence with exercise had grown. I left because I had become bored and in three years I hadn’t lost any weight but could keep up with the skinny people (or the body beautiful ) what did it really matter? Joined a few different fitness groups but could only last 3months… nothing felt right”. Katie McShea.