blog-testimonials-RonQuaedvlieg2In March 2005 I went to NZ for my father’s birthday. I decided to leave a video camera running while my family spent the day in the local park. The shock I got was when I saw myself in the video. So when I got back to Australia I decided to do a few measurements – weight 98 kgs, chest 113cms, waist 107cms – WOW how could I let myself get like this.

It was time to exercise and to eat healthier, which was good I lost 10 kgs, I was now 88 kgs but struggled to lose any more. I decided to get my body fat measured, 22% body fat I was on the verge of being classed as over weight. I decided to set a goal of 18% body fat.

Craig Kelly was doing a nutrition seminar at the gym I joined, so I decide to go along, it was great I learnt so much but the best was yet to come. One person that night would win a free nutrition consult with Craig and I was that lucky person. I showed Craig a diary of every thing I ate and drank for 2 weeks, Craig picked holes in what I thought was a healthy diet he said it wasn’t too bad but needed a few small changes which I did and lost another 5 kgs almost immediately and soon I reached my goal of 18% body fat, I kept eating well and got Craig to also write my gym programmes for me – soon my body fat fell more, 13.1%.

My stats now are 81 kgs, chest 100cms, waist 94cm, body fat 10.1%.  I haven’t weighed 81 kgs since I was training for the half marathon when I was 29.

I am now 51 years young and feel fitter and healthier than I was when I was 40. I have got Craig to thank for this, you are an inspiration to all, and you have assisted in helping me change my life forever.

Thank you!

Ron Quaedvlieg