I started training for triathlons about 3 years ago. In the beginning I had no sense of training and how I should be eating for training and competition. This approach worked to a degree for the shorter events, but with the ultimate goal of competing in half and full Ironman distance races, I knew I had to get my act together and get some proper information on how I should be approaching this.

Since working with Craig he has opened my eyes to different training regimes i.e. – rather than thinking pure weight loss, think fat loss but with muscle retention for strength on the bike, run and swim.

Through Craig’s knowledge and enthusiastic delivery, I have been able to set myself on a correct eating path and have integrated the strength training as part of my overall regime. Since doing my first half Ironman one year ago my times have dramatically dropped from 7 hrs 15 mins to just over 6 hours. This has been largely attributed to the direction from Craig of eating correctly (when what and how) and also to Craig’s belief in what I do. 

Thanks Craig for being such a super motivating trainer. I look forward to you helping me achieve my goal of my first full Ironman event. You’re a champion!

Steve Gibbs


So today I sit here writing this holding back tears (yes I am a fairy floss) as The Ironman (Steve Gibbs) completed his first full Ironman (3.8Km swim – 180Km Bike Ride – 42.2Km Run) just last Sunday In Busselton, WA. He achieved his long term goal of becoming an IRONMAN, and this is no easy feat at all. It’s like comparing it to climbing Mount Everest, only a select few people ever achieve these amazing goals, and why is this? 

Is it choice? Is it preparation and planning? Is it desire? Is it tenacity? Is it discipline? Is it self- belief?

Yes I agree, it is all of those select criteria above, but when I sat down with Steve just over 2 weeks ago to chat at a BBQ about the upcoming event another word was mentioned that resonates with me. Steve told me when asked how he manages to complete these gruelling challenges he sets himself that the one driving force for him is “commitment to himself”, yes, commitment to himself! Steve doesn’t want to fail himself, or let any of his circle of influence down. Once Steve makes the choice to compete, or complete a life task, the job has to be completed, “no matter what”.

So when Steve discussed this with me the word “fortitude” immediately came to mind. What does fortitude mean in definition? “courage in adversity or pain, endurance”, hello, all I needed was a photo of Steve!

So why is it that some people just like the Ironman Steve Gibbs, can achieve everything that they put their minds to? Well Steve answered that one for us above guys, “commitment to oneself, or as I like to see it, fortitude.

So once again, the answers are exposed for each and every one of you to become successors in your life goals, body transformation goals and all things health and fitness. In all success stories there is no easy, no fluke, no getting lucky, no its just so easy, it just happens. Successors like Steve Gibbs, the Ironman, always does and always will come down to the same success recipe.

That recipe is this:

  • Plenty of heart
  • Lots of commitment
  • Loads of self belief
  • Heaps of fortitude
  • Truck loads of planning and preparation
  • Ship loads of mind massage
  • And endless amounts of never ever give up!

As you can see there is no room in the success recipe for  quick fix, or easy street! 

Thank you so much Ironman Steve Gibbs for allowing us into the life of an Ironman, and outright awesome bloke!

Craig Kelly