So you have been working your butt off exercising.  You continue cutting more and more foods out of your diet, and you have followed the plan to the precisely. So what is going wrong? Why isn’t your body fat budging? Why isn’t your weight dropping? And how do you sustain the motivation to continue on this journey, if the reward for effort is limited at best?

I hear this all the time team! And please before you throw in the towel, or consider even more drastic measures like doing even more hours of exercise and cutting even more calories and foods from your eating regime , or even jump on the next fad diet, or fitness trend, have a read of this article and see if your actually self sabotaging your success by aligning yourself to the dreaded “Fat-Loss Deadly Sins”! Read on please:

  • No bullseye: So you decide to make a change, take control and take action. Good on you, thats awesome! However, what are you aiming for? Yes you have the dart, but is there a dart board with a target? Is the bullseye in your focus? What are you aiming for? Real success comes from this guys: “Knowing exactly what you want, visualising it daily and being willing to truly pay the price for that success” My question to you is this: Are you truly willing to pay the price for what you say you want? Here is what I would like you to do (to make it happen for you). Right this very moment grab a pen and paper (or alike) and document the single most important benefit you will gain from being fitter, healthier, happier, leaner, stronger and most importantly regain the self respect for you that you so deserve. Keep this in a place that you will read every single day (at least twice – 1st thing in the morning, and last thing at night) and this becomes the driving force behind your ultimate success. People often ask me “How can I stay motivated?” will this truly is the answer! This routine is a success strategy that is guaranteed to work, but only if you do it! Go on give it a go, I dare you! But I only ask of you this: Give it a real fair dinkum crack, not a day, not a week, not a month, but at least 3 months, you will be amazed at what this “Mind massaging” helps you achieve.
  • Be patientAll to often I see the client who chargers in head first, motivated, enthused, and ready to take control (whilst this is awesome – I realise in most cases its just not sustainable, they are going to crash and burn :-( ) they forget to get the game plan! You see in many cases the whole weight loss, fat loss, getting healthier and fitter journey all whilst learning to smile again is a “chess game”, you must be patient! It (the body transformation process) is an art and science, you must respect the process. And  the process involves “time”, your time! Long term success, and sustainability is all about setting a realistic time frame to truly link those goals to your dreams. There is one thing that is a given in this process: If you keep relying on “willpower” there is only one possible outcome, “failure”.
  • The process must be tailor made for “YOU”: There is NO blueprint! NO one size fits all, so don’t try to follow the latest trend, fad,  or whats in vogue. We are all way to gullible guys and dolls, there is only one long term success strategy that is guaranteed to work and the answer is this: a successful strategy involves you listening to YOUR body, gathering the data and forging new habits that fit into your own daily life, without forcing you to sacrifice everything in your life to accommodate this crazy new regime! Repeat after me please: “Stop comparing myself to others and make this adventure mine”!
  • Your dieting – deprivation, starvation and eliminationWOW sounds like fun doesn’t it? Does that evoke excitement and enthusiasm in you? I certainly doesn’t for me guys! Yes making adjustments to your current eating and fuelling regime may well be required to have you link those goals to your dreams but doing so in a way that has you feeling terrible, running on empty, so lethargic that even the though of exercise has you ready to cry has absolutely no place in your success story. If your simply cutting more and more out of your eating regime and fuelling, reducing those calories to some outrageous number that you realise just isn’t sustainable, then its time to invest more time into finding the right way to go about building the very best version of you, safely, effectively and most importantly in an enjoyable manner.
  • You can’t outrun your fork: No matter how much exercise you do team, you can truly bury your success with your fork. Exercise is a “stress” and if you could truly see the damage done to those poor cells with all those burpees, bench presses and bounding lunge (you would cringe). Eating for recovery, repair and reengineering is your prime focus around exercise. At no stage should you consider contaminating the greatest high performance machine ever built, “yes”that is “YOU”, with sub par fuels. You don’t want to use exercise as a trade off, and throw in nutrient poor, performance sabotaging fuels. Its imperative at this time to think this way “If its off a tree, out of the ground, walks the land and or swims the ocean – hook in”. Post training eating really needs to be though of as “recover, repair and rebuild!”
  • You don’t test and measure: So the scales say you have not lost any weight and your shattered, sound familiar? But has your body composition changed? Have you built lean muscle mass with your new program and been able to burn some body fat? How do you know? Far to often do I see clients on their way to success and they get caught up in the “bathroom scale tog of war”. Yes I do agree that the scale can in some instance be used as a tool to assist a client not heir way, however, I don’t agree that it should be used as a stand alone measurement. Acknowledge changes in the mirror, in your clothes, with a tape measure, in your body shape, in the compliments your receiving from others. Along with contemplating the idea of having regular body composition assessments to “test and measure” your transformation. As I stated earlier your transformation is an art, a science and in science we use the information collected to obtain an answer. If the results are not want you want, its this information that gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to lead you to your success. Never foresee a plateau as a failure, see it as an opportunity to make some slight modifications to kickstart more positive results for you.
  • And finally, you go it alone: Time and time again the research shows us that if you align yourself to like minded people, a community, a family of genuine people who truly want to see you succeed, your results are improved exponentially. Find those right people to help you, support you, educate you, guide you, mentor you, and “yes just sometimes” be those unreasonable friends that realign “you” to “your dreams and goals”.

So there you have it guys and dolls, some of the  self sabotage strategies that may be preventing you from looking great, feeling fantastic and performing at your best. I hope it helps!

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Craig Kelly