No I am not going insane team, (well I don’t think I am), I do want you to yell  from the top of your voice right now the mighty “F” word.

Yes share it with your friends, family, colleagues, enemies if you wish, everyone needs to love this “F” word. And yes of course the mighty “F” word I am raving about is Fibre.

Yes fibre, one of the most under used fat loss, weight management and health building nutrients we have, and yet most of us simply bypass this mother natures gift and this my friends is a huge problem for YOU! Why you ask? Well read on and ill share with you:

  1. Its reported that most of us consume less than half the recommended daily intake of 25-40g.
  2. Fibre is a unique nutrient for our health and well being, even though a large portions isn’t not absorbed by us.
  3. Fibre is the indigestible “skeleton” of the plant (carbohydrates). It magically passes through our Gastro Intestinal Tract (cleaning it like a broom in a hallway) , picking up waste products and moving on down through your bowel, neat trick really.
  4. Fibre can be insoluble and soluble forms. Insoluble such as that in broccoli is much like mentioned above the broom that cleans the hallway, whilst fruit, oats and alike is soluble and helps soften the stools, and reduce things like cholesterol just to mention one of its amazing gifts.
  5. Fibre aka (roughage) has always been known to assist in pooping, but now thanks to research we know that it does a truck load more than just that.

Check this out guys:

  • Some Scientists believe that a high fibre eating regime may protect against colon cancer. Its believed due to fibre adding mass to the stools this can dilute cancer causing substances and aid in the speed in which these toxins leave the body.
  • Controlling blood sugar swings, another task fibre can assist with reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Not only this, but if you already suffer which Diabetes, fibre can lessen the insulin requirements if you suffer with type 1.
  • Cholesterol plaques have a tendency to build up in your arteries (scary). Our friend soluble fibre can assist here by reducing cholesterol levels, which ultimately leads to a reduced risk of plaque induced heart disease, another win.
  • Incinerating body fat, losing weight, staying satisfied for longer, reduced sugar cravings, and feeling effervesced, yes, fibre assists with all these things. How? Most plant based carbohydrates are extremely low in total calorie contents, and as they also absorb water, fill the stomach area and satisfy your cravings, you tend to ingest less energy and hence, transform your body shape, hello, another win.
  • A lot of the plant based carbohydrates are known to us as pre-biotics! This simply means that those mighty probiotics in your GUT, can use these premium grades fuels to fuel their activities. These amazing fuels allow your immunity to improve, and therefore your quality of life increases many time over.

So here is a very quick, simply checklist to get more fat fighting, health building, weight loss happening with your fork:

  • Leave the skins on most of your fruits and vegges.
  • Get more of your fats from meals, seeds and grains, than oils. Try chia seeds, avocado, walnuts, macadamia nuts, linseed meal, (but as always be portion savvy).
  • Get some legumes into your eating regime maybe once or twice weekly.
  • Choose whole-grains over fibre poor, white refined cereals and most breads, but again don’t go over boards.
  • But the simplest most effective manner is just eat more low energy salads and vegetables in all your meals, when in doubt add a 1/2 cup of spinach or any other fibrous veggie to a meal.

So off you all go, start sharing the mighty “F” word with everybody, you doing the world a mighty favour.