Yes, this mother natures gift will:

  • Assist you improve your cardiovascular health(perform better and feel brilliant)
  • Assist you in your fat loss and weight loss adventure by improving your results (have you looking and feeling awesome)
  • Assist you in defying the ageing gods – keep you younger for longer (have you living your life, not letting life pass you by)
  • And assist in reducing all the aches and pains we carry around each and every day substantially, amazing isn’t it? (have you moving and a shacking and loving life), yes really!
  • So what is this liquid gold?

You got it, premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

blog-extra-virgin-olive-oilOver the nest few days ill share with you all just how amazing this mother nature gift truly is. There is no “witch doctor ” gibberish just old fashioned science (research and evidence based) to substantiate the information.

So if your looking to perform better, feel much much better, and look great, this series truly is a must for you.

Today I will start with how this liquid gold assists in improving your cardiovascular health and helping you perform at your very best, and avoid having to live like a pill pooper forever. Are you ready?

Time to get educated guys and dolls: Come this way:

The Mighty Extra Virgin Olive Oil and your cardiovascular health!

FACT: There are over 3.4 million Aussies suffering with cardiovascular disease as i type this, thats just ridiculous. *(Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)


So how does EVOO assist you in becoming cardio healthy?

Lets take a look:

  1. Phenolic Compounds: These big guns are thought to be the most bio-active substances found in the mighty EVOO. They work this way:
  • They are potent anti oxidants (they seek and destroy all those nasty free radicals that are creating absolute carnage in your body from alcohol, sugar, refined foods, smoking, stress, drugs and so forth, yes they are the pac men of your body).
  • Reduce the LDL (Low density lipoproteins (LDL) in your blood – (thought to be that nasty guys in the cholesterol story), and also reduce the nasty blood fats, we call triglycerides.
  • Assist in increasing the number of High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) in your blood (thought to be the good guys in the cholesterol story), these remove nasty cholesterols and fats from the body.
  • Inhibit the LDL in your blood being oxidised (broken down) and therefore the subsequent formation of nasty plaques within your arteries, these are really dangerous!
  • Assist in reducing your blood pressure (yes without medications)
  • Inhibits platelet aggregation (leads to reduced blood clotting)

So in a nut shell EVOO leads to an overall reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (and therefore improves your quality of life, how very exciting!)

Note: The concentration of these phenols in EVOO depends on a  variety of critical factors, such as growing conditions, production methods, olive cultivators and storage conditions.

Premium EVOO (in most cases) has much higher levels of antioxidants than most other oils including olive oil, rice bran oil, vegetable oils, seed oils, canola oil, and virgin coconut oil.

2. Squalene: Squalene is involved in the process of cholesterol production. So how does squalene assist you in your cardiovascular health? Check this out:

-Antioxidant activity (scavenge this free radical bad guys)

-Assist in removing cholesterol from your body through your stools. Yes you poop the junk out!

-EVOO is considered to be one of the richest sources of renewable squalene. Most commercial squalene is sourced from the slaughtering of sharks and using their livers to source this amazing ingredient, however EVOO is such a high quality source, no need to kill all those sharks!

3. Oleic acid – and its derivatives (hydroxyl-oleic acid: Is a magical mono-unsaturated fatty acid that is less susceptible to oxidation (rancid) and ha a high stability.

-Oleic acid supports your cardiovascular health by: reducing the blood clotting in your body.

-The majority of seed oils are much higher in polyunsaturated fatty kids which when compared to mono-unsaturated fats are much less stable, have a poorer shelf life, and are much more susceptible to oxidation and subsequent rancidity.

So was you can see from this above read, EVOO is a must for each and everyone of us, its simply amazing the health benefits it provides us all, so get cracking guys, and some premium EVOO to your next meal and put a big smile on your dial and your heart will be thanking you.

Did you know this: EVOO does not contain any nasty Trans fats? Unlike refined oils, EVOO is naturally produced and it does not contain any TRANS FATS! Another win for you! :-)

Another win is this: EVOO adds so much texture, flavour and yummy to each and every meal, it makes those sales and vegetables come alive with flavour and zing!

Tomorrow I will return with “Chapter 2” and how EVOO will assist you LOSE WEIGHT, and keep it off for good!