You must have a plan! And you must commit to it!
You can’t be interested, you must be committed!

Im not saying for one moment this is easy, but you must admit, if this is all it takes to finally link those dreams and goals of yours to become your reality, its quite simple isn’t it?

Your right, it isn’t hard at all Craig!

Success doesn’t come about by luck. Success comes about by actioning a well constructed plan.

I have yet to work with anybody who has walked into my practice looking and feeling amazing and said to me “Craig, I just got lucky, I just ate what I wanted to, and sort of whinged it I guess”! In my professional opinion its with obtaining a well founded nutrition education that allows you to build your own individual eating plan that aligns you to your successful “transformation”.

You see you turn those intentions into habits (automated responses) only after you do the work over and over again, you prime your body for success with the sub-conscious mind, but you build your new body with the fork. Together its the power of that sub-conscious mind working in tandem with that mighty fork that allows the process of turning those pipe dreams into  your living reality. Cool isn’t it?

However all this excitement you are feeling at this very moment, knowing that you truly can make life changing decisions in regards to food and exercise can only become your reality when the conscious decision to “learn” is actioned. To become a master tradesman and not just be an apprentice in this whole “body transformation” process you must be willing to be held accountable. This means part of the magical learning process includes keeping a food diary, documenting your emotions, critiquing your journey (good and bad days), planning, preparing, practicing until the whole process of “testing and measuring” becomes second nature, its just the way “you roll”.

As I stated earlier in this piece, for you to truly find the skill set to link your dreams, and your goals to your daily reality – its no get lucky scheme. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes tenacity, it takes discipline, it takes action, it takes self accountability, and it takes the ability to prioritise you as being important and worthy of the “time” you invest into you. It goes without saying that I truly believe there is “NO” investment made is ever as important as the investment you choose to make in “your health and fitness”.

I have yet to have anybody EVER come to me and say “Thanks Craig for the education, but I so wish I hadn’t under taken it”… because life is so much more effervescent and amazing now!

Team, once you remove the intent, and truly commit with action, you will be amazed and what is acheiveable. So do it! Find yourself the right education, the right tools and skill set to truly link those dreams and goals of yours to your reality. Why not? Others are doing it, I believe you owe it to you!

What do you think?