Experience the difference!

There it goes again; someone has decided that we (Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition) is cult like!

Every time I hear this, I must admit I do get taken back for a second, then I process the statement and shake it off with a giggle (just like Taylor swift).

I laugh it off for this reason, what does “cult” really mean? We all have different ideals, philosophies, and beliefs, don’t we? But I am adamant if we are all true to oneself that if we were all asked to be honest and answer this one simple question “Would you like to live the most effervescent, healthy lifestyle you can, and do what you want for as long as you want, and have a relationship with food and exercise that is sound and balanced?” I am sure the answer would almost always be a resounding yes. Would you agree?

Well back to the above reason I laugh the “cult” label off is this, Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition is all about just that, building the lifestyle that allows each and every one of you the potential to be your very best, to have a lifestyle that allows you to feel amazing, to enjoy the exercise you undertake, to love the fast, delicious and nutritious foods you choose to eat, and to have the real opportunity to learn to have the utmost self respect and to learn to love you. So if you wish to stand tall, proud and be in an environment that is built solely on positive vibes, positive attitudes and balance its time to experience the real difference that Fusion is!

So if Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition is seen by some as “cult like” let that be so.

I tend to see it this way thought! We build a “culture”, a real solid “community” of like minded, honest, raw people who just desire a much better life, a greater version of themselves. The entire Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition family form this amazing “culture”, it’s just who they are. We have a community of people who look forward to being in each person’s company, to catch up for a coffee, to go out for social events, to form friendships that will last forever, no matter if the geography separates us.

You see you can’t “buy” culture. Culture is something that is built step by step, rep by rep, member by member, friend by friend, family member by family member; it’s an invisible bond that is the true “DNA” of Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition.

I sit at home some nights with my wife “Deb” and our best friend “Bear – our golden retriever” and we honestly have tears rolling down our faces. Why? That’s a real easy one to answer; it’s because of the lives we have helped to change, seeing people ripen into the people they wanted to become, to see the “light sparkle” in their eyes, when once there was no spark. To read the amazing poetry of life that the community share on our Face book pages it’s just so humbling, so powerful, and so very real.

The sole reason I built Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition was to leave a legacy. That legacy is all about you, being that our culture is built on removing your “pain” and increasing your “pleasure”!

Those who know me well would have heard me use this expression often, “life is no dress rehearsal- live like it matters, because it really does” and it is this simple affirmation that drives me to be better.

So if “culture and community” is what you are looking for in your “body transformation” then experience the difference, Fusion Fat Loss & Nutrition, the family that is truly built on respect, support, and most importantly “no judgment”.

 Craig Kelly