So yes its happening again! You lost the weight you wanted for the holiday, or the school reunion, or maybe evening your sister’s wedding, but now you feel like the weight is just piling on again. WHY? It cant be happening again! :-(

I see this all the time; so don’t feel unique about this way too common scenario, it’s not that you have failed! Its the system, the approach,(yes the diet, fad, trend, or next big thing) thats let you down!

HOW can that be? Typically the reasons are a synergy or fusion of multiple things, but normally high on that recipe of failing are these: unrealistic expectations and feelings of deprivation. Yes; YOU have been hit with the “diet doom”!

  • Deprivation, elimination and restriction:Crazed calorie restriction more often than not slow your metabolism & confuse your appetite-regulating hormones! These are both factors that contribute to weight regain and falling off the wagon once more!
  • No Mind Massaging:When you think of a diet as a quick fix, rather than a long-term lifestyle solution (that you can sustain for life) to better YOUR health, you will be more likely to fall off the wagon as your in the diet hll world, and regain all the weight you have lost, plus interest! Yes more unreasonable friends! :-(
  • YOU are setting yourself up to fail from the very start – as this diet isn’t on YOUR side:A huge percentage of diets are heavily structured around YOUR willpower rather than turning YOUR intentions into habits you can sustain into your daily life. Diets typically focus on strict rules rather than successful lifestyle changes, which simply syphon YOU towards a cataclysmic breakdown and self capitulation event, that may well lead you to the pantry for that chaotic self pity party or feeding frenzy that definitely means this wonderful diet has failed YOU again! .

There is NO quick fixes with YOUR weight loss, fat loss and body transformationif you want long term success with your new body and lifestyle.

Sorry for being honest.


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