Yes thats right, Ezekiel bread! You got it.

Whats so good about this bread? Well lets have a quick glance at it team:

This bread variety is rich in complex carbohydrates, unlike some other bread varieties that can  be loaded with simple carbs, fillers and preservatives.

While whole wheat breads and whole grained breads do contain some dietary fibre, it’s generally not ideal as it’s still made with a lot of refined flour that lacks nutrients.

Ezekiel bread, on the other hand, is not refined and instead is made from wholesome grains in their natural state. It’s also highly convenient since you can simply take a a slice or two with you whilst you are on the go. This makes it ideal for a portable gym pre-workout meal.

You may feel like cranking out an open sandwich with a smear of avocado, or wholegrain mustard, then add some chicken breast or turkey breast, some rare beef, some tuna or salmon  to get your protein hit, and garnish  with a cherry tomato or two, some shredded beetroot, and some kale or spinach.

Here is a tip for you though:  avoid using any high fat spreads or avocado on the sandwich as adding too much dietary fat to your meal prior to your workout can also slow down the metabolism of the meal and have you feeling a little sluggish, not to mention preventing all that awesome pre-workout fuel not getting to your working muscles. So make sure to eat this meal about 1.5-2.0 hours before your workout team.

As an added benefit, this variety of bread also packs in a decent amount of protein as well, so while it may not completely be enough to meet your needs before the workout, it does add up once you add your proteins to this luscious food source.

So why not add this little hipster to your food diversity checklist guys, give it a go and then take notes to see how you perform by adding this to your pre and post training meals. Pre and post training is definitely one time in your day when being a carb phobe doesn’t pay off. Recall: Carbohydrates are protein sparing, yes, they help you keep your vital lean muscle, the carbs help you recover faster from your workouts, and have you ready to perform at your very best next time you hit the gym!

As with all things team, I’m not saying for a minute that you live on this bread, but just if your like most of us, enjoy a slice of bread or two, just make a concerned effort to make better choices when choosing what your putting into the “greatest machine ever built”, yes YOU!

Diversity is king!