WARNING: This article is in NO way meant to offend anyone, but as always, have the audience in a position to think critically and with an open mind, and not with blinkers on. And yes allow you all to ponder the real benefits of health and wellness – that of course being longevity, happiness, vitality, and the ability to say you’re living life optimally all whilst investing in your fork!

NB: As with all things moderation, diversity and a large variety of nutrient rich, metabolically advantageous real foods is what YOUR unique genome is thriving for!

Yes the big “C” its a word that has so much confusion aligned to it!

It may well have started as many arguments as religion, money and politics, and sport put together?

And yet for many of us the precious time we invest in the intricate weighing, measuring and counting is all but wasted, unfortunately we will never get that time back! And worst still, the tears we have cried in an effort to understand the sometimes complicated so called “science” has lead to many a tantrum.

Yes of course I am talking about the one and only calorie – a simple potential energy estimate!

So those who have invested some of their ever precious time to hear me speak over the last 25 plus years will have heard this flow from my mouth “Not all calories are created equal, the food you decide to place on your fork and then shovel down your food tube can be the greatest data you provide to the most magical machine ever built YOU, or the greatest weapon of mass destruction we can ever inflict on ourselves! Yes true metabolic SPAM, and the major inflictor of disease and systemic inflammation!”

For those of YOU who simply believe that investing much of YOUR precious time in counting calories is the only effective way to reach health goals, YOU couldnt be further from the truth, i’m sorry to be so blunt. WHY is this the case? Well its due to the fact that YOU’RE neglecting the fact that different foods have different metabolic effects (how your body uses the nutrients and building blocks of the foods), and YOU have a unique microbiome that metabolises nutrients different to anyone else on this planet, yes I am indeed serious! The source of  YOUR  calorie choices changes how you digest it and how you obtain energy from it, and not to forget how those little critters in your GUT digest and obtain the nutrients from the food too!  So as YOU can now see there is a huge difference between calories from real whole foods compared with those from human interfered, trailer trash, chemically altered, metabolic spam stuff!

When it comes to YOUR lifestyle changes (maybe fat loss, body composition changes, weight loss, more energy, less brain fog, control of chronic disease, or just feeling like you’re alive and not just participating in this precious gift – life), counting calories doesn’t always work because where the calories come from may matter more than the number ingested.

Check this out: a simple glass or orange juice may well have the same amount of calories (potential energy is about 1110-120 calories) compared to 1 cup of mixed organic berries (provides potentially 80-90 calories)! So is this a simple mathematical comparison? Not at all! The orange juice drink may well have an effect on some individuals insulin levels, possibly aid in leading to further metabolic stress on ones liver function, supply very little if any dietary fibre, or satiety (feeling satisfied) and leave your microbiome (those happy little critters in your GUT, the bacteria, viruses, fungi and so forth hanging for more, as again YOU have neglected them). On the contrary, the cup of mixed berries will provide a slow burning energy source that allows the body to focus on burning stored body fat instead of digesting fast acting fuel like stuff, that doesn’t serve any of us much good at all. Yes the berries are full of fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, no chemicals that stress our immunity and lead to chronic disease, need i go on? Oh and yes YOUR microbiome will be having a party and reward with with their magical protective benefits, YOU win again!

So the simple moral of this Big “C” story is this:

No matter what YOUR health and wellness goals may be, investing less time on the number crunching of counting calories and spending more time on the enjoyable life changing benefits of simply  eating real awesome healthy whole foods that are close to nature will help boost your overall health leading to an optimal mind, body and fork!


Experience the real difference!