There is not a truer word written: You know what?

It really is all about you!

If you honestly can be truthful with yourself and truly challenge yourself to get mighty uncomfortable, you will no doubt find yourself radically surprised with what you can achieve, if you choose to make change.

So is your main lifestyle goal to drop some weight? maybe burn a little body fat? possibly increase your strength and fitness by forming a solid relationship with exercise? or even remove the hand break that you have locked on with the fad diets you continuously follow that are just so unsustainable? not to mention take control of your health and kick diseases like diabetes, or high blood pressure to the curb, forever?

Well guess what… Its totally up-to you!

How very exciting is that?

However you must not kid yourself. This adventure will get mighty uncomfortable at times, you will be challenged, you will fall. But the key is this! You must stay resilient, you must commit to yourself, you must be tenacious. And you will need to remind yourself daily of all of these things until this intention is now your new baseline.

The reward for your commitment is this: exhilaration. The self-respect that is earnt when you commit to something and achieve something that is “priceless” is miraculous. When you finally conquer those self-sabotaging “inner demons” and remove those “awful shackles” you have become the champion in a war that for so long had seemed too fierce, too powerful to ever enter!

You choose to live your dream life!

Or you choose not to!

Are you willing to pay the consequences of your actions?