The list below is truly my “success weapon”  and it is something that I do not just happen to use for my clients and myself for our training and nutrition goals, but I also choose to implement this exact system for success across my whole life spectrum!


So read on below if you are really looking for a “tried and tested” success formula, the real “How to Do” 101 in regards to your body makeover! Your “Action Plan” must consist of all six success pillars holistically:

  1. Habitual – You must do small things every day to take steps forward to your goal/s
    . Be proactive, positive and patient as its the replication of these actions that allow the reprogramming of your  powerful subconscious mind! Yes you will turn your “intentions in to habits”, or better said build a new reality by linking your dreams to your goals!
  1. Flexibility – Your action plan needs to be a little flexible – our goals will change, we may be doing better than we though or you may have overestimated your ability. Either way you need to be able to adjust if this is the case! Note: adjusting your action plan doesn’t mean that you are “failing” or that you cant achieve what you set out to achieve, it may just mean it will take a little longer. And we need to find another way to make your goal become your reality.
  1. Why – You need to be constantly driven and inspired in the pursuit of your goals! Make sure you have not only rewards, but other powerful incentives and motivators along the way! Your goal/s needs to be personal enough to drive you on, and to truly mean something to you. A real “why” means the though of not succeeding would be gut wrenching and make you feel ill, it really should mean a lot to you, its not a fly by night thought, or wish!
  1. Individual – The plan is “yours” its not a copy and paste from a friend, peer, colleague, or celebrity! It must be tailored to your needs, wants, desires, and level of commitment. Just because the eating plan says you must eat salmon and sardines, doesn’t mean you have to. If the thought of sardines has you dry reaching, seriously how long are you going to be able to sustain this plan? If the program states you must do burpees, but you are unable to due to a lower back issues, again it must be structured to allow for your success, as it is you who ultimately will be taking the action, and applying yourself daily, weekly, monthly, yearly! You get my drift?
  1. The to do checklist – Make sure you have everything written in detail that you need to achieve on the day. Include your exercise for the day, your food diary, and anything else that links those dreams and goals to your new reality! Here is an example: Today I will do 25 minutes of HIIT cardio on the stationary bike @ levels 6-9. It will consist of a 3 minute general warm up and then be followed with 20 x 25 second all out sprints with a 35 second recovery for each bout. Then complete with a 2 minute cool down. Once completed tick as “completed”, recognise the reward! As its these actions that allow you to take control of your destiny, there is no “guess work”!
  1. Knowledge and support – What information do you need to find out to make sure you are going to achieve your desired result/s?  You don’t have to be an expert at what your trying to achieve,  you just need to be an expert in finding experts to assist, coach and mentor you! Find that person that has lots of social proof, experience, and has achieved “what you want to achieve”! Find the support!


So lets recap…

Your checklist:

  1. Have your “why: – the reason you are doing this, the one thing that will get you out of bed each morning, have you preparing all your meals, its your “bulls eye” or target!
  2. Keep a food journal each day.
  3. Keep an exercise journal each day.
  4. Have a set exercise and refueling timetable set that you review each day.
  5. Make sure you have a before photo that you view each week (if not more frequently) to align you to never going back to were your leaving from.
  6. Have your daily goals, weekly goals, 3-month goals and yearly goals set and review them often.
  7. Make this journey personal, enjoyable and most importantly achievable. If you’re not “testing and measuring” that is setting goals and then measuring your results against those goals often, you have no idea if you’re tracking correctly or not!

Have an amazing day team and take action!