“Crack The Fat Loss Code” continues today, with what I believe to be one of the most self sabotaging choices you can ever undertake!

Yes, today I talk ” Your Reason Why”!blog-why2

This is so mighty powerful. This one specific “inspiration” is all the difference between you success in changing your life for the better, and forever, or another cataclysmic failure that does nothing for your self respect and again you end up in those horrible “self pity parties” that lead to more self destruction! (Yes i see you nodding!).

You see its great to get that initial push, the motivation, the urge to make change when you get the invite in the mail to attend a high school reunion, or a wedding, or some such event. But sooner rather than later the “will power” falters, you simply run out of drive.

WHY is this? Your not inspired! Your not fuelled by this reason, its simply doesn’t mean enough to you! If you gut doesn’t churn on the thought of not succeeding in this adventure, I guarantee your success will be limited heavily.

You need to find that one thing that no matter “what” it will resonate with you so much that no outside force can disrupt your commitment, and desire to achieve. It simply is a given that you will succeed, there is no wish, hope, or fingers crossed. Its just a matter of time!

For me personally mine has been with me since 1999, October 2nd to be exact. It was the day my best friend, my rock, my mentor, signed off from this life to look over me from heaven. Yes it was when my Grandma moved on, that I found my true “reason” my “why”, or more importantly my reason “WHY NOT” to waste this precious life, such a priceless commodity!

I decided then and there that I would leave a legacy that was likeno other, and that I would make her so very proud of me. I never ever wanted to let her down, or for her to feel disappointed in me! That would cut like a knife, and I was never ever going there!

As you can see from this “inspiration” I truly don’t have an excuse. I can either do as I said I was going to do and leave a legacy, or simply capitulate and “give up” and truly feel like a “quitter” and a “hippocrite” as I have let not only myself down, but the “guilt” I would feel would be so very painful that it would far outweigh the efforts I make every single day to leave my “legacy”.

I share this with you for this one reason: Until you find something that means so very much to you all, you will continue to fall short of what you really say you want! But be well aware: It will take sacrifice, commitment, discipline, an attitude shift, altered behaviours, and the ability to have belief in yourself!

So instead of working on how many calories your eating, what your macronutrients are, how many sets and reps you need do, whether your over training or not, or what someone else thinks of you taking your packed meals to an event, focus on finding your one true”reason why” so as to finally put this “tug of war” life of dieting and self sabotage to bed, once and for all!

Don’t you owe it to yourself to be your very best?

Just saying!